Table Top Clamps Part Duex
  Re: Table Top Clamps Part Duex by lincmercguy (I never really found...)
I could, but that would make it too high. I could put smaller casters on it too. I'll just stick with these clamps and make a couple more to fit this use case. It's been a great bench for me.
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  Re: Table Top Clamps Part Duex by lincmercguy (I never really found...)
I leave the trigger mechanism at the top and reach under to insert the bar. 

I made my own top with holes 4" on center.  I attached a sheet of perforated peg board to the top and used a Vix bit to drill the pilot holes.  I then used an auger tipped 3/4" bit and a 3/4" bushing to do the final drilling. 

I made three tops.  One is on the out-feed table, the other two are on casters and can be rolled around.

On each top there is one hole that is not in perfect alignment.  I don't know how that came to be.  But I simply drew a circle around that one so I know which is out of square.

It was a tedious and boring (joke) task.  But much cheaper than buying one.  I also have a few wedges and 3/4" dowels and I can use a pair of wedges to lock pieces in place on the top. 

It is not as versatile as one with a track, but I consider the tops a consumable item, and I don't worry about it too much.

My festool clamps fit in without any problem at all.  And that is the easy way out. 

Harbor Freight has welding clamps and they look like heavy duty Festool clamps and I think they will work also.  Those cost $23.00 each.

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