Looking for Laser Engraving
Hi All:

I am making a recipe box for my daughter who is getting married this summer.

I would like to get it personalized with a laser engraved picture something like this (Name blotted out since I am posting this in a public forum)


The size of the image is ~4 3/4 x 3 1/8"  the size of the wood blank would be ~7 3/8 x  5 3/8"
(I am planning on using Maple or Birch, ~1/2" thick)

Ultimately, I would want two.  One for my daughter getting married and another for my daughter already married (a different image on each.)

I tried some of the local trophy shops and the pricing was out of my budget.

Any suggestions (and/or anyone here want to make a few bucks?)

Thanks in advance for suggestions

Look for a local MakerSpace.

(03-07-2021, 07:14 PM)wjt Wrote: Look for a local MakerSpace.


No real help here. Just my experience. I am lucky to have a contact with someone who has a laser for her business. I provide black and white clip art or other camera ready screen art. "Burn" is often done on the spot for $20 or $30. Keep your contacts out and network. There are cheap resources. You just have to ask around. Start with places like Rockler and Woodcraft or those who sell the machines. Also community craft centers and educational institutions. For instance, our public library has 3D printers for public use. Never would have thought of them. I found my laser gal because she bought the one I had been using at the local Woodcraft. They passed her name along to me. I also had a few "demos" for no charge at a Rockler until they replaced the machine with a CNC. "Demos" lead to real sales. Currently I also have a project lined up with an instructor at a local makerspace. All of the above have been much less expensive than the big time commercialized resources.

Although the prices are usually "right," it's always good to add on a nice gratuity in appreciation.

Best of luck.
-aj    (wood2woodknot)

[/i] had some laser engraving done at a trophy engraving shop.Engraving was done on wooden T handle corkscrews.I had 100done,turned out great.

ABC(Anything But Crapsman)club member
probably somewhat depends were you are located to what you might have to pay
but there is a couple folks around here eastern lower Michigan were that could be done for 25 to 30 dollars
i have stuff marked/ burnt a lot normally very fast turn around
either the customer supplies the wood or the laser co does
not to far from me is a CO. called "laser market" i think they have a web sight look up laser market richmond mi
i have and individual near buy that also does some work but has limited capacity
Thanks all for your thoughts/insights!
Did you resolve this?  If not where you located?
(03-10-2021, 10:13 AM)Wipedout Wrote: Did you resolve this?  If not where you located?

Still working on a solution.  I am looking into a solution out of Oregon.

Located in San Diego Ca

depending on your budget  --  i've got this little guy:


if you think it might be something you'd use down the road, might be worth it!  
Just change the zip code on this search to find a local engraver.

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