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  Re: Replacement windows by Bill Mains (Any recommendations ...)
Run and run fast if anyone tries to sell you Alside.
Quality and service experience is beyond bad.
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  Re: Replacement windows by Bill Mains (Any recommendations ...)
I suspect this is futile, but I thought I would ask.

Is there any trustworthy, thorough, independent resource for comparison/evaluation of windows?

I'm also in the market for windows.

Mark in Sugar Land, TX
  Re: Replacement windows by Bill Mains (Any recommendations ...)
If you are buying windows for your 'forever' house I would buy Marvin.  Our windows are ten years old and work as great as they did the first day.  Incredible how much noise they block too.  If I remember correctly they are a combination of wood and fiberglass

  Re: Replacement windows by Bill Mains (Any recommendations ...)
I see a lot of old Marvin, Andersen and Jeldwin windows in great shape. There's several more decent wood framed windows. What I don't see is old vinyl windows, no matter the brand in good shape. It really irks me seeing brand new high end homes with Vinyl Windows. Lifetime warranties are great but it's usually "parts only" and there is a clause in the warranty with prorated value and a description of what "lifetime" means. Lifetime may translate to 20 years and prorated. I've sold several brands of windows, including several "high end" vinyls. Only one of them is still in business; Certainteed and they have lousy customer service and several class action suits for premature failure of their windows, siding and asphalt shingles. The only good thing about Certainteed is that you know where to go to buy parts.
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  Re: RE: Replacement windows by rwe2156 (We went through Home...)
(03-23-2021, 08:31 AM)rwe2156 Wrote: We went through Home Depot (never again!) but the windows and the installers were great.

They are Simonton.  Our electric bill has dropped 20%.

That's what we did.  The salesman ordered all the wrong sashes - we wanted grids.  They did replace them all so happy now.  It took 2 days to install and have been happy - about 8 years now. 

We had a break in and they replaced the window under warranty - no cost.

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  Re: Replacement windows by Bill Mains (Any recommendations ...)
There are two types of windows, new construction and replacement. New construction windows have flanges and are fastened to the sheathing Replacement windows are installed in existing frames.

That means if new construction windows are installed on a completed house(one with siding installed) enough siding has to be removed to get to the sheathing at each window. That adds a lot to the cost, but minimizes leaks.

Replacement windows are less expensive to install, but more difficult to properly install properly and insulate. The casings are usually installed by using screws to fasten to the old frame. Shims are usually used to minimize bowing the new casings outward. Fiberglas insulation can be stuffed between the frame and new casing---and leave gaps allowing air intrusion. The wrong foam will cause the new casings to warp, meaning window operation is compromised. In my experience, using the correct foam backer rod and a minimally expanding foam(if necessary) is the best solution.

So, in determining the best brand/installer, ask questions about the installation procedures they use.
  Re: Replacement windows by Bill Mains (Any recommendations ...)
My BIL was a contractor and was picky about what he used.

Said he loved it when someone called him for an estimate on replacement windows and said they had an estimate from one of those "store-front" window places.

He'd just tell them he could install a better window for half the price and everybody was happy. Rolleyes
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