Beautiful figured black walnut crotch bowl
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(03-24-2021, 02:26 PM)mtrainer90 Wrote: I have not posted in a year is what I am saying and as soon as I do here you come with your normal criticizing of everyone's projects hidden as "advice" that no one has asked for. Here's a thought, how about instead of sitting behind your desk being a keyboard warrior, you post one of your turning projects so we can all nit pick every single little detail like you do. You have been extremely rude in the past on my posts and I will gladly continue to ignore your free advice I have never once asked for. How about you just do me a favor and don't comment on my posts anymore if you have nothing nice to say.

I apologize if my posts come off as "rude" to you.  They are intended as constructive criticism, not desk jockey sniping.  I re-read a post from last year and noticed in your response then that you don't show the additional sanding you do post-turning.  From my perspective, all I know is what you show.  To me, you've shown us your final product.  So, based on what I saw, I was trying to help you improve your skills.  Now I know better.  For your benefit, I won't comment any more on your work.

FWIW, here are a couple of my turnings.  Feel free to provide me any advice you wish.  I don't do the cool things you do with cast resins.


Still Learning,

Allan Hill

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