How would you reach the peak of our house to paint it
Swing by and borrow one of these...

[Image: PivitTool-5_600x.jpg?v=1393007316]
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Rent the lift it is safer or hire it out. One of my brother in law's come off an 11 ft. roof painting. Neck, lower back and hips messed up. Now he is nearly blind going onto 9 yrs since it happened. Not worth being a cheapskate to save 3 nickels.
Many, many years ago I had that same problem and more-or-less did what you described in the opening post. Worked out well, except for the paint I dripped on the shingles. But I built a "triangle" and set my extension ladder on it. It may have been risky but it seemed plenty sturdy. I like the boom lift idea, but many of them around me have limited lateral reach, so if you choose that approach make sure it will get you to where you need to be.
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I have to say, I would hire a painter.
62 and bad back ain’t climbing tall ladders, not worth the risk....
I hate ladders and being up high.. I'd pay somebody lol
I would start by going into the attic and dropping something I could clip my lanyard to out of the gable vent. Because I have plenty of staging, I would set a pole on the front and back corners and a ladder section w/ hook on both sides of the ridge. I'd use a plank from the pumps to a rung until I could clear the ridge with a 28' pick. Crank the radio and paint to your hearts desire, shortening the lanyard as you ascend.
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(04-02-2021, 08:25 AM)brianwelch Wrote: I rented (actually had free use of) a boomlift to install siding on the high area of my house...not necessarily the cheapest route, but safe, and fun...
I considered pump jacks and plank, but the safety aspect had me a bit concerned...

I was fortunate in that way as well.I drove a tandem 30x8 foot tilt deck truck,my job was to move these pieces if equipment around.I was given free use of lifts,all I had to do was transport them,which was no problem,used my work truck.

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i say what the consensus says- boom lift. articulating or boom? idk.

if you plan on jury rigging something, ill gladly hold your beer and watch.
(04-03-2021, 11:37 AM)tomsteve Wrote: i say what the consensus says- boom lift. articulating or boom? idk.

if you plan on jury rigging something, ill gladly hold your beer and watch.

You can get to almost anything with the articulating type as the main boom will be out of the way when you go over something.   Plan your work so you can do all the hard to get to areas using the lift.  It will be a lot faster and safer.      First thing I did with a new guy was to keep the basket low to the ground and extend out from the side all the way, see it is not flipping over.   They would then be more comfortable at height.   Just make sure the ground is stable.  Roly
With the money you're saving by DIY, surely you can justify the cost of a lift.

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