How would you reach the peak of our house to paint it
(01-04-2022, 09:46 AM)barnowl Wrote: I second MT Woodworker's recommendation.

Doug, hire it out, or rent a lift.

Ladders that size are more than unwieldy.

I'll see if I feel steady on the tall side up on the ladder.  If not, I'll hire it out or rent a boom lift.

On the "peak over peak" side, the overlapping ladder should work fine.  I was able to reach most of it just standing on the roof, but since the upper peak is a few ft forward than the lower peak (because the upstairs footprint is deeper than the 1st floor), I wasn't able to reach the entire front rake board, as you can probably see in the pictures.
Dumber than I appear
(11-23-2021, 06:33 AM)sadieosborne Wrote: That's quite hard for sure. I had a similar project assigned once, and I hate too tall buildings and this kind of work. This was when I decided  I would never build too lofty of a house for myself too. It makes no sense really. I have a lot of land out of Dallas, so I created a bigger house with LINK DELETED. I wanted to see the cost involved in building a flatter house with the same rooms as a two-storied house, and it seemed to work well for my budget in the same way it would work for a two-story house.

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