This sucks
I had found a great deal on RR Ties for my planned range here at the new farm, $7 each. I got the word to come pick them up today.  They even let me load at the railhead, one mile from the house, instead of in town, twenty miles away.  Yes  This was a big deal, when a sixteen tie bundle weighs 2880 pounds, and I would be buying three.  Wink   One at a time, if I had to make the 25 mile trip thru town and traffic.  Since it would now be a mile, on back roads, at 25 mph... We loaded on bundle, and split one, for 24 ties: 4320 pounds.  Slow and careful.  Pulled the ties off the back with the tractor.

While pulling the third 16 tie bundle off the trailer, a stack shifted.    
Miss Tina was running the tractor and yelled for me to "Get Back!".   

 I stepped back, hooked a heel and feel backwards.  I tried to break my fall.  

Down I went.  Four decades plus of training kicked in, I tucked my chin and rolled my shoulders, and to one side when I did hit, but the hard packed earth broke my fall, and my left wrist. (In two places.).  Upset   
But, I didn't suffer a concussion, or a spinal injury.

ER doc says it looks like surgery will be required.  I am supposed to see the orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow.  I'll know more once the orthoped has had his look see and had his say.

Sheesh, I was loving the knife work, leather carving, and we were moving into fishing season.  I WILL find some way to keep busy.  Sort the loose hardware bucket.  Reorganize tool boxes, clean out the drawers.  Read those magazines I have hoarded, scan the articles I think I'll keep, pass the magazines on...ok
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Sorry to hear of your injury; just when covid restrictions are lightening up, and it getting warmer outside too. Now's not the time for war stories, so I'll just let you know prayers are headed your way for a speedy and full recovery.
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Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. I suppose this could have been a lot worse, but it was bad enough. Hope you get an upbeat report from the surgeon.
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A bit of humor in the ER yesterday...

We spent between five and six hours there.  The first two or so in the waiting room.  My pain level was high.
We got back to an exam room, and a half hour later, a young PA comes in, followed by a medical student.  Before someone asks, yes, she was. Hawt.  Young, blue eyed, blond.  (The student could have been related, Hawt2)

She began her initial exam, asking the usual questions.  She asked if she could begin the physical exam, and I agreed.  She started squeezing, prodding here, and poking there, all the while, asking about the pain here, discomfort there.  

I told her there wasn't any real pain, other than the left wrist.. "If you squeeze my left wrist like that, or poke it like that, I will likely bite your arm."

She couldn't help herself, she glanced down at that bare arm.  I know she was thinking, "Should have worn the lab coat." 

She had started on the right side of the gurney and efficiently worked her way around.  Not bad for one so young.  She got to the wrist, gently lifted, gently squeezed, poked, prodded.  When she twisted, the bones... Ah, broken bones grated, and pain shot up my arm at 10+.  I flinched.

I couldn't help myself.  Laugh

I gave a low growl and chattered my teeth behind my covid mask.  Yes

She jumped a half step away, before blushing pink and laughing.  The student was dying
Jim in Okie
You can tell a lot about the character of a man -
By the way he treats those who can do nothing for him.
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Gotta love your ability to see the humor when it presents itself. 

Hopes & prayers for you my friend.

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Is there a woodworking equivalent of a purple heart?  Sorry about your broken wrist, but, as you say, be thankful it wasn't worse.  I can't imagine what would have happened if one or more of those ties had crashed down on you.  Time for a break to let things heal.

Speaking of ER Humor:
When I was in college, I got whacked by a bare metal piece on the gym's weight machine on my forehead and needed stitches. In the triage room, the nurse begins to smile and asks, "OK, when was the last time you had a tetanus shot?" I replied, "July." She got an angry look on her face and said, "Now don't lie to me, this is important." I had to tell her that in the summer, I had attended my ROTC summer training and they gave us all tetanus shots. A smile returned to her face, and she remarked that I was the first person they'd seen in 5 years that had a current tetanus shot.
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Sorry to hear that.  I hope all your Dr's are as attractive as the PA and, more importantly, competent and get you right as new again.  

There's a way to fish even with one hand in bandages.  When I was 7 I broke my arm.  It didn't slow me down much after the pain went away.  You'll figure it out.  Good luck.

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Hang in there, my hobby time is delayed also.

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So yeah, that does suck. It's the self reliant ones - like you - that I feel sorry for when they go down.  But they are also the ones who manage. Get well soon.
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Ouch. Glad to hear it wasn't worse.

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