Lithium Ion
  Re: Lithium Ion by LandRover (Okay, all my DeWalt ...)
I went from the old DeWalt full size 12 volt line to the 20v max....night and day difference.

Only dissapointment is the compact recip saw...damned thing vibrates more than an out of balance chineese sex toy.

  Re: RE: Lithium Ion by EdL (I went from the old ...)
(04-15-2021, 04:30 PM)Cabinet Monkey Wrote: Oh, yipeee skippee.
Why would anyone want to roll the dice on a new brand making new tools for a new retail channel ?   Confused
Especially when you'd be downgrading on quality from what you currently had.   No

I realize not everybody follows tools and thats fine even with this being a power tool forum.
Its just that most people who don't follow tools don't comment.
The new Flex line is made my Chervon whom you may not like but regardless is a very big name in the tool world.  Even many who don't know Chervon own some stuff as they private label a bunch of brands. 
Kobalt being one, which is sold at Lowes.
So a trusted by many tool company with a long relationship with a major retailer is a very good start for a new line.  Everything was new once.  Even Dewalt is pretty new.  Now I'm a Dewalt junkie but I'm also aware they are the new kid on the block.
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  Re: RE: Lithium Ion by EdL (I went from the old ...)
(04-15-2021, 11:05 PM)EdL Wrote: Only dissapointment is the compact recip saw...damned thing vibrates more than an out of balance chineese sex toy.


Don’t even want to know how you know this 
Laugh Laugh

Please don’t quote the trolls.
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  Re: Lithium Ion by LandRover (Okay, all my DeWalt ...)
"I need an impact driver, a hammer drill, a sawzall and a 4" cut off grinder."

Are these the bare minimum tools you need, or what you have in 18V? If you had a bunch of 18V stuff, you could get one of the kits that has the drill/driver/saw with the batteries and charger, then just get the adapter for your less-used tools.

If you just need these four, you could probably find a kit that has three and wait for the free bare tool sales to get the grinder. You could then sell your 18V stuff and just disclose the batteries are bad. Someone might want them or rebuilds batteries.

I also went from 12v NiCad Dewalt and 16.8V Craftsman to 20V Dewalt, and it was a huge improvement. I later got the brushless drill and driver for the shop so I could leave the old ones in the garage. They work even better.
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  Re: Lithium Ion by LandRover (Okay, all my DeWalt ...)
I had trouble keeping the adapter in my dewalt reciprocating saw.  I thought about buying another adapter and just gluing it in, but then I gave away all my 18v tools.  I was slowly replacing them anyway.

I mostly have dewalt.  The brushless stuff is pretty nice because it's more compact.
  Re: RE: Lithium Ion by iclark ([quote='LandRover' p...)
(04-14-2021, 10:43 PM)iclark Wrote: When one registers, the process had been to send out an email to the address of record used for the registration. That email contains a link to verify that the registrant is a real person and not a bot. Unfortunately, the WN email system has had a problem for quite a while. So, those emails were not making it to the inboxes.

Lately, the most common way to get an account activated is to post a request in the "activate account" thread in the "Questions about using the WoodNet forum features" forum.

Oh that explains it. I did get and respond to the email during the sign up process. Doing so activated my account but left that subtitle under my name. Almost reads like one does not have all his marbles. LOL
  Re: RE: Lithium Ion by Cabinet Monkey (There’s really no ad...)
(04-15-2021, 10:33 AM)Cabinet Monkey Wrote: There’s really no advantage to keeping your current tools and upgrading the batteries only.  

By the time you buy new batteries AND a charger - you’ll have the same $$$ invested as if you just bought a new kit with the tools , batteries and charger.  The new tools are essentially free.  

As some have already mentioned, you’ll also get new tech with new tools. The most important of which is the circuitry that monitors and keeps the batteries from destroying themselves.  

I think a field trip is order to test drive the various drills , because as also mentioned , you may find the Makita, or Milwaukee platforms a better alternative.  The Depot carries all three brands.

Thank you. You also touched on my next question, BRAND?
Makita have not faired well in my hands. Milwaukee I've only had limited use with that brand with a corded right angle hammer drill 20 years ago. That thing was a beast that would tear your arm off.

I'll be going with new tools and batteries. That is settled!

Thanks again for the help and sorry it took so long to get back to this thread. Been very busy.
  Re: Lithium Ion by LandRover (Okay, all my DeWalt ...)
I have had my Milwaukee M18 drill/driver for many, many years, very good tool
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