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  Re: Speed Control by Halfathumb (Will a speed control...)
The original poster asked about a speed control.  IMO you don't need to look any further than many of the various lathes that use VFD's to vary speed of a 3 phase motor off 110 or 220 volt lines.  If worried about heat, put a small fan by it to circulate air.
It's an option, nothing more; nothing less.
  Re: Speed Control by Halfathumb (Will a speed control...)
(04-29-2021, 08:46 AM)Halfathumb Wrote: Will a speed controller work ok with a Ryobi 8" bench grinder? I want to order a CBN wheel for sharpening chisels and lathe tools.
Any experiences, comments etc.?


Only if all mentioned options fail, and you do a lot of sharpening ... these work like a charm.

Amazon.com: Work Sharp - WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener Unset: Home Improvement

It was only after getting one of these back in '08 can I say my chisels are sharp, and the backs are flat.

See ya later,
  Re: Speed Control by Halfathumb (Will a speed control...)
I would just get a slow speed bench grinder and then get on with my life. There is always room for the 3450 RPM grinder you already have. CBN wheels suck when it comes to soft steel and can be easily damaged so they are not a good choice for a general purpose grinder. Actually the gray wheels that everyone hates are great wheels for shortening a bolt.

Why not check out Woodturners wonders. He has some great packages that include the CBN wheels with a good grinder as well as fixtures to help sharpen tools. When it comes to high speed lathe tools it is hard to beat a 600 CBN wheel for touching up an edge.

I also have a tormek that I bought when they were under $300 so you know I have had it a long time. I write that because I like to use the work holding devises that I already have. I still use it for knives and things but mostly for the leather strap. I am writing this because you will see it its application in the picture.



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