Gutter drain pipe: Perforated or solid?
  Re: Gutter drain pipe: Perforated or solid? by WxMan (I am putting in an 8...)
Consensus seems to be solid pipe; no perf.  Son in law got back into town late yesterday and said no perf pipe under concrete; he's a civil engineer with plenty of highway and construction experience, so solid pipe it is.

Rerunning the downspout location on this side isn't really desirable.  If this turns out to be problematic, I'll close up this end of the gutter, and take it out the other end (about 30 feet away), but that will require rehanging the gutter to get the proper slope going the opposite direction.

I like the idea of drilling a series of small holes in the pipe near the emitter to allow some drainage, and therefore expansion room for freezing water in the pipe.  Roly's idea about the tee is also worth consideration.  I'll be in town tomorrow for a VA appointment, and so I have to drive right by the big box store anyway.  Son in law and I are mixing and pouring the concrete here in a couple hours.  I'll leave the distant end of the drain open for the final work; I can get the concrete in now.
  Re: Gutter drain pipe: Perforated or solid? by WxMan (I am putting in an 8...)
Too many potential problems with pipe under walkway. Because you have the option to rehang the gutter, I feel that is the best alternative.

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