Got bored....hobbled down to the shop, had a few metal tools to clean up.....decided to remove the clamps for Side#2....and see how well it matches up to Side #1...
Not all that well, apparently....side #1 was a hair end was a tad out of things close enough that they could be set together.  Left the 2 c clamps on for awhile.  to work on both ends, this was the worst of the two ends....took a while...
getting close...a few more passes should do it.....then, remove one clamp, rotate the two panels around ( with OUT shifting either of them)  so I can work on the top edges
Get it all nice and snugged down, where neither will move...and get set up for tomorrow's shoptime..
And...that was it, for today....

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
This thread needs more pictures of the shop kitties!  
Big Grin
It's all wood.
They a bit young to be going to the shop....sorry.

Tenon work?
Trying to fit that groove...
Ummm, need to shave a little off the left side.
First dry fit of the day...
Then glue and clamps...feet profiles were cut..
Then the second end assembly was dry fitted...
1 hour of shop time, today...Beer-thirty time, now.

Stay tuned...tomorrow's another day..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Al..righty then....Second end panel assembly is NOW in the clamps....
Just 5 parts, but they got a little bit..."squirrelly"...had to chase a couple parts.   And, one c clamp was FIRED, and tossed in the trash. 

So...since End #1 is out of the clamps...see how it will look..
Yeah, I thought so, too.....looks a bit too "thick" ( fat?) Hmm...Maybe I could cobble a Tongue & Groove joint?  Both to help align the corner during a glue-up, and reduce the width of the legs...

Set up the tablesaw...and..
One pass along each side...wasn't quite deep enough...decided to see just how deep I could go, yet miss the other T&G .....
Wanted to leave just a thin strip....

Something happened along the way...and I needed to clean up a tongue..
Set the cutter to the correct depth, and clean up where the tongue got fat...Then see about a dry fit..
Looks a little better?

Cutting parts for the frame for the lid..
Needed 2 rails..
And 2 stiles...
Only to find out, the panel for the lid is way too long, and way too narrow...

Need to add a bit of width to the panel...edges? Or, right down the middle?

Once the box is assembled, I can add the mitered slips, to hold the bottom panel....

Might get this done, before August? 

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
ok...about an hour of shop time, today.....wonder what all I can get done

Got the clamps removed from #2End...needed some clean up...via both a sander and a plane...
Both the front and the back...better to do it now, than when the box is assembled...
Top edge needed leveled..needed to reset the fence and blade height on the tablesaw..
And mill a tongue along two edges..
Takes 4 passes...second set of 2 after the fence moves 1 blade width away from the saw blade..Chisel to clean things these will fit into the grooves..
Feeling groovy?   Time for a full dry fit..
Just 2 clamps, no glue.....First, I laid a plywood panel on the saw, wanted a flat surface.   Next, grabbed the bottle of glue and a small brush...smear the glue onto the tongues ( Tasty?
Confused ) assemble things while the box is on it's top...C clamps to clamp the halves of the feet together...Carefully turn this mess over, onto it's own 4 feet..add a diagonal clamp to pull things into square, add the last 2 clamps...
And we have a box.    Was I done for the day?   Nope...Had a panel to glue up, once it was trimmed to size..was too long..
Red line and circle...shows how much to cut off for length...and a defect I wanted removed.   The 2 strips along the sides, will get glued there, to give the panel the needed width. 

Tablesaw in full of a glue up, can't use it.   Don't trust the bandsaw to cut a straight

Stay tuned, to see what happened..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Ok, still a bit of time left, before the hour limit is reached...
Cutting the panel to rough length?
Not a problem.   Do I need to "shoot the end grain"?  
Why?   When it comes off the saw like this?   I did need to joint the other long grain edge, though..
A couple passes, as there was a rough, high spot about halfway...need a better edge for the glue up..
Strips were coated with glue, and then rubbed back and forth until they stuck where I needed them to least until I could clamp them up..
The c clamps are holding a caul in place, to keep that end flat...vise is doing the same for the other end

Will let both glue ups sit a day..or two
Rolleyes .....need to work on a bottom panel for the box, and a frame for the lid..

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Took the day off from the shop, today.....hope nobody minds.   Was busy out and about...Boss wanted to go out Yard Sale Cruising...

Will try again tomorrow, and see what shop time I can get...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Ok, that was a waste of time....typed in a reply, complete with 9 photos....and then LOOSE it?  Strange.

Try again.....just after lunch, went to the shop for a couple hours....had clamps to remove...SLOWLY, listening for any creaks, groans and CRACKS NOT coming from me.. 
Get these off..
And stand the box up on it's own 4 even sits LEVEL....Move the box aside for a bit...reset the rip fence.  I need some blanks to make slips with..
Then set up the Mitre Box...miter one end, measure for length, miter the other end...check for fit..
when it fits..add glue and clamps....
Back to the saw, again..
Measure and and glue and clamp..until all 4 slips are in place...
Which leave the tablesaw unavailable, for a while...
It's there, somewhere...

The other item to be unclamped and worked on?
Might need a bit of work, to get it flattened out...

That will be the next episode..

Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
#29 we go, the next part of the 2 hour shoptime.....Flatten a face was close...a few high spots...we have ways..
To keep this from just sliding across the bench....3 screws were set up....2 out in front, driven until their heads are below the top of the panel, to where they will bite into the edge.....the third?   Driven in at angle, it drives the panel into the 2 up front...lock the panel into place...Checked the progress with a square's blade...once 99% of the high spots were gone...I could flip the panel over, check the grain direction (s)and lock it to the bench....A beltsander took a lot of the excess down...still needed the plane
Checked for width and length....width should be fine...length?  
A tad long?    One end needed to be squared up...Mitre Box back to 90 degrees...clip 1/2" off the end..checked for square...remeasure for length. marked a cut line..
Yep, about that much...Mitre Box also trimmed that.     Which bring up the matter of I can't use the tablesaw at the moment....first off, "Clean up! Aisle #1!"

Was a busy day, today?
So..will try this...get out the Type 20 Stanley No.45 ( the Type 4 is set for dados only) and set it up to plough a 1/4" wide, by 5/16" deep groove...this was the easy part. Getting the plane centered on a stile..took a bit of mallet work...and adjusting of the depth of cut.   Hunting for the old candle...meh.. to how a squirrelly 3/4" x 3/4" Ash stick right at the edge of my bench, so the fence on the plane can get by...

3 screws, again....a little differently, this time around..
This time, just 1 screw as the "Stop", a second one is behind the stick, so it can't walk away, in that direction...the 3rd one?
Again, driven at an angle, so the head pushes the part into the stop.  And plane away....near the end of the cutting, I rub the candle at the start of the groove, makes the plane move easier....test fit?  not too well....decided to add a bevel to the underside of the panel..
And it fits....using a Millers Falls No. 15 to mill the bevels...
Have the 2 stiles grooved, need to start on the rails...and tenon them...Bevel will be on the inside of the lid...keeping the flat panel look to the outside. 

Will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon-ish....and see what an hour or two can get done..
Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Right after Lunch...Clamps came off the box....plywood for the bottom was cut..
Was even able not only to cut a straight line on the bandsaw, but, I was splitting the lines..test fit?
Close enough....bead of glue ran around onto the slips, then a few clamps and "cauls" to hold the panel down into the glue...
Set this aside for a day or two....

Rails needed a groove thing done...
See-through shavings, with a Stanley #45....sure are pretty...but, it sure takes a LOT of shavings, just to go to 5/16" deep...
So, on the other rail, depth was deepened a bit...things went a bit quicker..

bevel the edges ...
Check the fit...then checked the panel to see IF the length and width were correct....both needed a slight trim...until the fit..
Then tenons were cut and fitted, and a dry fit of the frame...
Close enough, so a glue up was done....complete with cauls to keep the corners tight and flat..
And I think that will do it, for today.....let this sit a day, or two (that Monday thing)  then try to fit the box and lid together....with hinges and a latch?     Might mold the corners and edges, first.....router bits and metal parts don't play nice together....

Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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