Starting a Project for August?
  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
Can't put anything on top of the new dryer eh? Sounds like September's project will be a laundry station to protect that new machine and to make the laundry easier.  

The tool chest is coming along nicely as well.
  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
After hitting a few Garage Sales this morning...and a few other errands....was finely sent to the Laundry Room/ Wood shop.....needed something to do, while waiting on the washer, and then the New had already been set both of the case's sides skim just over 1/8" off the front edges of both...double checked the panel for the case's bottom...reset the rip fence to skim a bit off one edge...front edge needed to be flush with the front...back edge needed to allow the plywood back to go past...

Next...drill 3 holes through the dado to house the bottom panel...into both of the sides.   Then a fancy drill came out.. Cool
To counter sink the screw heads.   bead of glue in the dados..then 3 screws... Winkgrin
Then set about adding the back of the case..
A bit of prep work, first.   remove the burn marks in to top stile....install it with a bit of glue on the dovetails and across the back/outside.   Then start adding screws along the plywood back, after I marked out where the dovetail sockets were....won't be any good to hit an empty space..

Used the plywood panel to square things up. go across the top, then down one side...pull things square then go across the bottom...then clamps to pull the other side in a bit, before going back across the top..
Then the fun begins...flip this mess over...and install the 8 drawer runners, with a dab of glue....then the 4 drawer dividers with more glue...
Bead of glue where the floor will go...add the cleaned up front stile...more clamps....added a few to clamp the plywood floor to the front stile...
Pulls the floor up into the glue in the rebate along the front stile's bottom edge....don't want it sagging down from too many tools in the top...won't be able to open the top drawer. Rolleyes 

Then decided to stand this mess see how well it sits... Confused
Will let this sit a spell...maybe a day or two ( until I figure out WHERE else to sit it Uhoh )

laundry am I for the day....thinking I might have a use for this, later..
Maybe?   Confused

Stay tuned...Drawer 101 will soon be starting up.. Uhoh
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
Clamps have been removed, and put away.... Cool
And this is how things turned out.....even the inside of the top compartment looks good... Winkgrin
No burn marks Cool 

I had hauled just one plank to the shop...while on the way to remove the clamps...some cross cuts, and some rip cuts.. Rolleyes
3 drawer front blanks, and one for a drawer side....have 4 more planks to haul to the shop....may try for a couple better fits?

Stay tuned...for Drawer Building 101 Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
One hour of sawdust making, before the Boss needed to go downtown....grrr Rolleyes 
Wound up taking 3 out of the 4 planks to the shop....and started milling parts for 5 drawers.....or, what I could come up with...rough cuts for length..with a hair extra, to square the ends..
Check the length, after squaring one end..
Then rip for width...after skimming the rough edges off..
And a bit of taper...Got the top drawers 2 sides cut
Repeat until I had 7 out of 10 sides milled....
Then decided to get the last 2 drawer fronts made..
Running low on lumber...rather than haul the last plank to the shop...I merely worked on getting backs for the top 2 drawers roughed out..
About then...Boss hollared down the steps that she was ready to go....

Will see how the rest of the day goes....may start on a drawer or 2....

I don't know....
Would a pair of these per drawer be a bit "much"?    Seems a $2 box of hardware came home with me..
has a nice selection of parts..
As the owners had redid their entire set of cabinets with something else....$2 for a box I need both hands to carry? Cool

Stay tuned... Winkgrin
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  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
Set up both Stanley 45s for plough a few grooves...
And the other?
And, since I do have 2 such planes...
And 5 drawers to do...I can just leave them both set up as is..for now...

First dry fit ( drawer #2) so I could get the back of the drawer fitted for size..
Yes, there are dovetails involved...
Once the back fits..I can cut the plywood bottom panel to size...

This being a Monday..about all that will get done, right to glue that drawer up....have a Lumber Run to do later today.....

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
Update time Winkgrin Some dummy decided to work on a Monday, after all Uhoh Glued that first drawer up on Sunday....Monday took the clamps back off, intending to glue up Drawer it had "issues"
Trouble with dados...
And grooves..trouble with the back of the drawer...
Needed to be FLAT, to fit IN the dados.....Dovetails not wanting to fit just right...bottom was moving around while trying to dry fit the dang thing... Angry
Dry fit turned into a glue up.....methinks herding Cats would have been a lot easier..Drawer #2 was fitted to it's new home...Drawer #1, despite Old Man Murphy's best efforts, was glued up.. Angry
#2 had a couple tight spots, that a #9 plane took care of.    Started on Drawer #3.. Uhoh
After picking the drawer front off the floor a couple times, just to get a groove made.. Angry .that was quite enough "FUN"..Needed to mill a back for #3, anyway..

Monday morning?  Went out on a Lumber Run....and picked 10 bft of Ash....should be enough to finish this project?  Price?   $7..... Cool

And THAT catches things up until this morning's 3 hour tour...

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
Drawer # 3...Dovetails?
One setting for each cut, rune both ends through (towards the camera) until I hit the STOP line.  move the fence for the next cut...rinse and repeat.   I added the second fence to keep the board to the first fence...then the fun of tracing around..had to set up a bit differently...
Scrap of plywood for the drawer side to sit on...then trace..
used the bevel square to make sure the lines were straight, and the correct angle...bandsaw to cut, on the WASTE side of the lines, trying to leave the lines..then set up to do a bit of chopping..
Chop down halfway on one face (remember that Lutz "chisel"?) then flip over and complete the chops...
turned out that the Lutz chisel was the perfect fit for the corners....mallet driven, too....

Usual grooves and dados...then needed a back for the drawer...7/8" is just too thick, so...
2 passes across the a bit closer to 1/2" thick...doesn't quite match the dado, I beveled the ends to fit, just one side, left the "inside" of the back alone...Dry fit to size the plywood bottom panel..
Then cut the back to match (took 3 tries! Angry )  Had an issue...unless I clamped things up, the parts did not want to stay aligned and square..we'll fix that..
Brush some glue into all the right places, add any more clamps if need be..
As to how well the dovetails fit?
I think that will do nicely Winkgrin 

Set this aside for a day....Tuesday was NOT a Monday, got better results, less fighting with parts and setups...helped that I FIRED Old Man Murphy right after he had hauled that plank to the shop....No Murphy (and his "Law") no problems in the shop. 

Stay tuned...there was also a Wednesday IN the shop (twice!) to write in about....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
I suppose I had better fill in about Wednesday....before the 3 hr Thursday gets written up....
lets was interrupted  by  a shopping trip to get a plywood panel...and do a bit of sharpening..
so...Wednesday morning, first...Front of #4 drawer
Which has "issues" with a knot..
Goes all the way through, too.. Angry let this sit a bit....Drawer #3 came out of the clamps...needed to be fitted to it's new home..
Drawer #4 sides...
Of course there was issues going one side had a split trying to start...can't dovetail this end...will just do the dado..adjust the other side as needed..
Making the grooves was the easy part...was having issues with a jack plane.....The WR #62.....was filled up in shavings and crud, iron was neither flat, nor sharp...cap iron did NOT meet the iron gap-free....went and fixed all these problems...
Works much  edge of the iron looked like a hacksaw blade...a little chippy...made quite a bit of a mess on the floor, in just about one hour of puttering around... Winkgrin
Cleaned this up...Boss wanted to go to the store, and I needed that 1/4" x 24" x 24" plywood panel....kind of ended the morning's session Uhoh

Stay tuned...there was an evening session, BEFORE the Dungeon Creek decided to rise... No
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  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
Evening...decided to try and fix the Stanley 45 to cut dados...had issues with it's spurs...
This one was too bad..was just too dull...honed it up a bit..
The other one?   Didn't even stick past the edge of the skate.   had a "spare " in the case, decided to just sharpen an un-used lobe...and see what happens..had a pair of dados to mill..
Was close...wound up letting it score the lines, then using the #358 Mitre saw to deepen the lines... Winkgrin
With the Stanley 71-1/2 to level the floors of the dados....needed a back for the drawer, and needed to resaw it...tablesaw could not reach all the way to the
This was used to finish the resaw cut.   Was close to the right length...and width...thickness?   had to bevel the ends a bit..
There be the main parts of Drawer #4...dovetails and a glue up on Thursday...

Three drawers fitted to the case...was getting tired of digging them back out, and one of them was trying to cup it's front...we have ways.. Raised
Rehabbed #62 was given a workout...drawer front flattened....set up to install at least 2 handles, for now..
Find the center of the drawers, and the handles...drill the mounting holes..and install....Gulley-washer came through...made the Dungeon Creek rise up..
Which ended the day's shop time.....water on a concrete floor...gets a little slippery.  There's always tomorrow (Thursday)

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Starting a Project for August? by bandit571 (Figured a use for th...)
Thursday, floor is fairly dry...Drawer #3 get a handle..laid out the 2 marks to drill the 2 holes to mount the handle..then decided the drawer front could stand a bit of smoothing out ( and erase the marks..) Rolleyes so..
Intend to see how long that plane will stay sharp....went to install the handle...cordless drill had issues reaching the slots on the bolts..we have ways.. Winkgrin
Stanley Fat Max worked just fine...then slid the drawer and it's new handle into the case..
Shavings, anyone? Cool
Didn't find any tear out, either...must have been going in the right direction....with the grain...

Stay tuned, after a visit to the blood thinner clinic I'll write up the rest of Thursday's Follies.. Winkgrin  Drawer #4 needs to get glued up..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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