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I was actually referring to either or both types of speaker wire. I removed some ceiling speakers on a commercial job today. The wire was 16 or 18 ga. stranded with jacket. The speaker terminals are also the mounting posts. The studs, about the same as a 6-32, pierced the ceiling tile, a plastic nut held them in place, and an orange wire nut weld the wires to them. The center portion was left exposed. The splices above the ceiling were just wire nuts that pulled apart easily. The speakers had no safety wires, and they would hurt just as much, if not more, than a can light if Fire Fighters pulled the grid down.

I've installed quite a few mini splits, and the "control wire" is 14 ga. 4 conductors (one is equipment ground) jacketed. But it is not even close to NM-B, and it gets concealed.

And joking aside, maybe you can educate me on this. How does the "wattage" of speakers compare to watts of either A.C. or D.C.? I know speaker frequency is usually changing, but that doesn't relate, to my knowledge, to watts.
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