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Any recommendations on where to buy high quality woodworking project plans?  I see many adverts for sites that have 16,000 plans for a very low price and that makes me skeptical that the plans would be any good.  I can usually just wing it with a pencil and paper, but now I would like to take on more complicated projects and, knowing me, a quality plan would save me probably 50% in wood cost and half the trips outside with my sawdust barrel.  Thank you as always if you have any recommendations...FPT
I think you should buy the specific plan you want as you intend to use it rather than ’stuff’.

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I get a lot of free plans from Woodsmith. They have a great assortment that you can buy also.
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As mentioned, Woodsmith has good plans.

So does Lee Valley. I really like their variation of the Adirondack chair.
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I'd sure pass on those sites you mention. Both Wood and Woodsmith have online searches for the plans they have published and generally they are very good, albeit maybe a little expensive. You could buy their thumbdrives that have every issue of the magazines ever published, they run about $100 (Woodsmith) to $150 (Wood). I suspect the other magazines do something similar.
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