The $3 saw
12 tables of Mechanics' tools at a garage sale...with very few Carpenter/woodworking tools.....decided to stop by, anyway

Didn't care for the 2 Makita Power planers...but, there was a saw..
That for $3 could come home with me.   I also turned down a boxed set of Craftsman chisels ($15?) that had those clear and gray plastic most of my users have wooden handles...may drive by there again, this morning...and see what else he might have set out...
But, for $3..I think this MIGHT come in handy in my shop... Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: The $3 saw by bandit571 (12 tables of Mechani...)
If you do spindle turning, that is a handy-sized saw for final parting off with minimal tearout.

With the offset handle, I would not be surprised if it is sharpened as flush-cut for the side that it is sitting on in the pics.
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