Story Board to help with a derelict Tool Chest
(10-23-2021, 10:50 AM)C. in Indy Wrote: It's a slow boat,  but 4 drawers fully fitted now.   I am pretty sure I'll work in some sort of accent beads on these at the end.   It's fun to say all drawer fronts and backs came from one board

This is the larger chest that I mentioned; built about 10 years ago.  I used all machined joinery, as my dovetails were not ready for prime time at my stage of skill-building.  All of my small stuff goes in here and it is about double the size of a Gerstner and marginally larger than the North Bennett Street chest.  Gerstner sell felt sheets so I an thinking of redoing the drawer liners.
[Image: IMG-0122.jpg]
[size=medium]IMG [/size
Nice looking work - love that QSWO!

More progress and a major resting point!  (Trying to catch up with Mike...)
Every drawer needed tweaking, but it was worth it.

Here was the chest as purchased:


Here I'm initiating some accent / bead lines:


Now all 6 drawers are in place and moving nicely.  New knobs are on order:


Have a great weekend,
Are you going to going to put a radius on that bead line?

Regarding the line / bead...  I'm not yet sure on that.   The line's inset distance from the bottom-drawer-edge is on the bigger side, to try to match a dimple in the upper drawer-hanging central board.   So this would be a large bead with a lot of material removed if I radiused it, so I've taken a pause there to think about it.

Meanwhile, the Gerstners, to manage movement of their lovely solid wood sides, always used a plywood back.  This old back was delaminating, so I've set about applying some new oak veneer to it.

Using a machinist chest (60 pounds worth) to press 2 pieces of TV-stand-rescued MDF board:


The beginnings of the rescued chest back:

The plywood back with veneer and teeny-tiny edge rabbeting is a pain...    But here goes the glue-in.   It will need some touching-up later, but each step counts!

That back veneer was real trouble, especially at the wavy-grain top edge.   I decided to use a cutting gage and let-in a flaw-disguising strip:


Then, the knobs arrived!

You have really done a nice job.
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Thanks so much !!

Well, the rest is just adding oil and cutting felt...
Of course a power-stropping on the old Exacto-Knife was in order:


Then, as you can see, there is a neighboring old small chest.   All drawers are stuffed already!

Thanks for watching.

Very nice, a labor of love. Enjoy your chest!
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