Story Board to help with a derelict Tool Chest
That is perhaps the best "deep" save I have seen.  You are certainly resourceful.
Yes  I know you have need for storage of many small tools and this goes a long way in that cause.

Along those lines, I was at Northwest Hardwoods today and I noticed that they had a "Gerstner on steroids" style (new) chest for sale there at under $400.  I didn't see a name but it was Made in USA.  It was scaled really well for woodworking tools and was decent quality and finished hardwood.  But then again, we are woodworkers, aren't we?
I've been watching this thread closely. I have the reverse problem. I have a box of Gerstner drawers that need a box built for them. I like the way you that you approached this. I've learned a few things for my upcoming build. Thanks for allowing us to follow your progress.
I no longer build museums but don't want to change my name. My new job is a lot less stressful. Life is much better.

Thanks for your kind words!
Oops!    My finger slipped a bit more than the other bidder's finger,  yesterday.   Something new to look forward to from the UPS Delivery man:

Loving this thread.  I found an ad on Craigslist several years ago for a

"wood tool box"  at    $25.      Yes.  You are reading that correctly.

I saved the pics from the ad, here is one:


Drove over to the place ( and it was literally only a few blocks away ) and
had twenty five dollars in one pocket and  two hundred fifty in another.

I was ready to part with more, but the guy wanted only twenty five. 
Not my job to educate the seller, so I paid that and was gone!

As an fyi, and as I believe Adam Cherubini posted elsewhere on woodnet,
the drawer bottoms on a Gerstner chest are actually galvanized steel.

Oh, and also, the "felt" in my chest is not. I need to order the real deal from
Gerstner one of these days.
Mark Singleton

Bene vivendo est optimum vindictae

The Laws of Physics do not care about your Politics   -  Me
Sweet Sweet Deal,  Mark!   

My Jan-2022 purchase on auction didn't go through.   Seller said the item "was no longer available" and refunded me.   Aw well,  I have enough oak boxes for now, I guess!

I'm still on the lookout for another chest to rework.   It might be a while...

For now, here's some fun looking at an old job from my year 2012:

A Union chest from eBay:


Working on a complete set of fresh drawers that year:


Very recent picture from my nephew's garage, where he runs his own aftermarket car-parts sideline business.   His articulating vise looks pretty nice, too!



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