Mindset while woodworking
  Re: Mindset while woodworking by carpenter wisdom (Hi all, New to Wood...)
First, welcome to the group. I am sure you will have lots to add.

I have no formal training- my dad had worked as a carpenter and I grew up on sawdust.

I have a little of everything- framing, finish work, furniture making, artsy-fartsy stuff. I have been called a carpenter, a craftsman, an artist and sometimes call myself a hack

My mindset has always been “ do the best job you can, no matter what you are doing”. If you are digging a ditch, be the best ditch digger you can. That said, different jobs have different expectations. The tolerances fir framing are different than that of fine furniture. However that does not allow one to be sloppy. Plumb is plumb. Level is level. A long time ago my father told me “ put your best guys on framing, then it is much easier to do the trim”

  Re: Mindset while woodworking by carpenter wisdom (Hi all, New to Wood...)
Thanks for the welcome and all the great input.
It reminds be of what I love about woodworking, and for some unknown reason it makes me happy. I hope to stick around and add a story or two along the way.
  Re: Mindset while woodworking by carpenter wisdom (Hi all, New to Wood...)
I recently watched a short Fine WW'ing video featuring questions for Steve Latta.

One question was "what would you say if the biggest issue with ww'ers" his answer was they are too much perfectionist and not enough artist.

"its wood - the sun will come up tomorrow, nobody will notice minor imperfections but you - relax!!"
  Re: Mindset while woodworking by carpenter wisdom (Hi all, New to Wood...)
Welcome to the zoo!

I was not capable of working with wood until I was in my 40's. Biggest reason was a lack of patience. I was a rough blacksmith, locally famous for my hammers and beating/welding metal into submission.

I had no patience for slowly coaxing wood into shape, be it with a TW, handplane, or other tool.

Then I found WoodNet. Do not remember how, but it was near the end of my working life(at a 'real' job). I had been volunteering with HFH as a crew supervisor(had some experience in construction and a lot of experience teaching) and learned some patience.

I had a basic knowledge of woodworking----knew about TS kickback and how to use basic hand/power tools fairly safely. LOML wanted a small chest of drawers(we lived in a mobile home at the time and space did not allow most store made furniture), which is why I started utilizing my new found computer skills searching for how to build one.

Found WN, liked the expertise I saw, found members enjoyed teaching me(along with a welcome healthy dose of humor) and the result is I have a fairly well equipped shop and can process rough lumber into toothpicks if I chose.
Big Grin

I enjoy most of what I do, when I am in the mood. If I am rushed, I enjoy it less. I have reprocessed designs for some kitchen items, designed a two step stool(antiqued), and made some memorial boxes that were well received. Done production line work(less enjoyable) to make the tools/boxes, but was satisfied with the results and gratified at recipients thankfulness.

One of the most important lessons I learned here was to not apologize for mistakes when giving a self made gift. I also learned a lot about design modification(hiding mistakes) and have used that knowledge a great deal.

There have been(and still are) professional woodworkers here. Folks who make their living woodworking. Award winning pro's and amateurs to boot. Hand and tailed tool disciples. Even folks who like finishing. My least favorite to date---although I can now make and use my own shellac. And can mix stains for special projects.

You will find many different folks and attitudes about working wood here. It is a wonderful place to hang out in and experience wood working in most of the different methods used.

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