Anyone spray Campbell Tinted Resistant (post cat)

I have sprayed Campbell precat 275 VOC and had a hard time until I finally used Butyl cellosolve as a retarder (at that time could not get any useful Campbell solvents because of VOC restrictions).

With the Campbell clawlock post cat I knew it drys fast so i thinned with exclusively Flow Enhancer #2 and it was like a topcoat, very easy to spray.

However, the Resistant product seems to behave differently. I have tried 100% Flow 2, 100% Butyl Cellosolve but these don't really seem to help much. i was able to spray some drawer fronts (100% Flow 2) and they came out perfect because the limited area and i could get a heavy coat. I have since been practicing on a 4'x2' MDF and it's very hard to avoid some orange peel. Seems like you have to get this product on fast and about 5 mils thick or it just wont flow out. My last attempt was 10% Flow 2 and thinned with Care retarder to 30 secs in Ford cup and I changed from a 1.8mm tip to a 2.1 mm tip. No reducer. It's close but still some orange peel. I did some checking with a mil gauge and the areas that were about 5 mils thick seemed to flow out better. Also, this product seems to be very temp dependent. Seems like just 10 degrees makes a big difference in how fast it drys.

I'm using a original Accuspray gravity gun with 2.1 mm tip. I noticed i was not using my largest air cap so changing to that may a help a bit. Seems like the pros use pressure systems to get the material out fast, especially for large surfaces. Narrow edges etc. always come out perfect so I suppose only solution is to get the material out as fast as possible.

i changed to post cat just because I was discarding a lot of the pre cat due to short pot life. Also one the items I sprayed with pre cat had quite a bit of cracking, likely due to too thick a coating as I was learning and probably did not sand aggressively enough between mistakes. Don't know if post cat is less likely to crack.


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