nail removal
Just saw this.  I've done more than my share of nail removal (did commercial repairs for years) and here's some of my tricks.  I have several of the coring tools shown earlier and they do work and leave a standard size hole making it fairly easy to plug.  My preferred method involves a small pair of side cutters, something like a 1/9" and drill.  I take the drill and drill down 2 sides of the nail up to about 1/4".  Depending on how deep the head is. you might have to go a little deeper or rock the bit a little to widen the holes.  Reach in the holes with the side cutters and grab the head and rock it a little get the head up to the point you can grab it with a pair of needle nose pliers, locking pliers etc and pull it out.  I do admit when dealing with a screw with a broken off head, that coring tool is one of the best options.

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