French Cleat Tool Wall
When I had my shop built, I put up this pegboard and these two cabinets that I had in a hurry just to get a workplace to put together the rest of the shop.  I also had my old workbench (no drawers) underneath it.  Now that I've been in the space for a while, I know what I use more often and what I use less often.  I found I was getting tools out of the drawers fairly often and some items hanging on the pegboard weren't used very much.  On a whim, and with plywood and OSB coming down, I decided to build a French cleat wall.  The hanging items also gave me a chance to get a little more practice with the Domino.  It was definitely helpful working on relatively inconsequential pieces.





Shelf for the most important piece of shop equipment.

Project Blog Got it all up-to-date, and I promise to keep it up-to-date.








Project Blog Got it all up-to-date, and I promise to keep it up-to-date.
I like it. Except for one small detail. Why so few tape measures? I think I have 25, at least.
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Very nice, gives me some ideas.

...oh and I have about 15 tape measures.....
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I thought my four tapes were enough. One is over by the lumber rack. I use metal rulers more, I have an extra one that lives on my table saw fence.

Most of it are variations of pictures I saw on the web.

On the drill rack, I did use screws to attach the bottom supports to the vertical pieces. If I have to get new ones at some point, I can take them off to change the width. I didn't want to permanently glue it with dominos.
Project Blog Got it all up-to-date, and I promise to keep it up-to-date.
I like to use French cleats as often as I can. They're so practical.

Nice work Linc. Like it!

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Lookin good (17issosuckie,wishitwasfixed)


The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
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