What size generator works for you?
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(11-09-2021, 02:48 PM)tomsteve Wrote: generators- another topic i havent read or heard someone say something like," i should have bought a smaller generator."

That’s true, to a degree, depending on fuel source.  Running an oversized generator will usually use more fuel than something closer to the actual load, though that also depends on the design as some are more efficient at partial load than others.  Inverter types, for instance, do a good job of keeping fuel use down with light loads as the engine slows down; output frequency is not governed by engine speed.  They also make less noise under light load since the engine slows down, which is one reason they’re common in RVs these days.  

It’s now possible to get really good fuel economy with a large generator under varying load, which is the best of both worlds, especially if you have to feed it gasoline from cans.  Unless the electronics get messed up.  Then it’s dead.  

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I wish they made a inverter whole house generator as most of the time, the load is relatively low and it would sip fuel. But they don't.

For my house, I speced the natural gas supply for a 22KW generator, but I think I can live with 17KW. Big loads are two water heaters and the furnace.

I agree with a turn-key system so the wife has to do nothing if she is home alone.

Its been three years in this house and I still haven't done it though.
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Live in NJ, lost power from Irene for 14 days in 2011, no generator, figured that wouldn't happen again. Well, I was wrong, lost power for 12 days, no generator, from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Have a well so no water in addition to no heat (had a gas range, so we boiled water for some minimal heat) or light, and a chest freezer chock full. Enough was enough, the following summer, Kohler 20k, whole house, natural gas generator was installed. If I don't get crazy using both ovens, the clothes dryer and both AC units at the same time, it takes care of every circuit in the house with ease. Also got the fancy load manager add on, but also had a PITA long cable run to the far end of the house that added some costs in materials and labor. We lose power for 6-8 hours every few months (actually, 12 hours the week before last), and for an hour or less every few weeks - lousy power company that does no preventive maintenance, they just wait until things break.... I'm very happy with the Kohler unit. Storms are getting more frequent and more intense here, so I expect to get my money's worth.
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