Are these Plow Plane Blades? value?
Looking for some help confirming what I have and value . . . 

I found the following in a box of tools at an estate sale over the weekend.  I believe they are for a wooden plow plane.

They are tapered and 7 of the 8 appear to be from "San Dusky Tool Co"  (at least that is what I think the marks say.  kind of difficult with the mushrooming on then ends)
The smallest one is W Butcher, Sheffield, with an arrow and a cross logo.

They appear in reasonably good shape,  "sharpish" even.  But they are far from "show-room" condition.

Any thoughts on the value (my brief Ebay search did not find recent items) and should I clean them up?


Thanks in advance!


Yes, those are blades for a wooden plow plane.  Value?  I'd guess in the $100 range for the lot.  The will probably sell OK in that condition.
It's all wood.
Sandusky Tool Company was located in Sandusky, Ohio. Here's some history.
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
I’m not an expert, but it appears to me (based on the groove) that the first and third one might not match the rest of the set.

I doubt that makes a difference in the value, but might be worth confirming in case somebody asks.
Dave Arbuckle was kind enough to create a Sketchup model of my WorkMate benchtop:
Thanks! I will take a closer look at those
Those blades are pretty hammered. Literally - someone used them as a chisel and wacked them repeatedly.

Regards from Perth

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Actually, those irons are how old?    And, the usual way to adjust them back them was with a hammer.   after a while, the ends get a bit beat up, sometimes they would clean off the "Mushroomed" part, and back to work.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Some more ideas on price from Jim Bode's site.  His prices tend to be on the high side but he usually has very nice items.
It's all wood.

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