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(11-15-2021, 10:42 AM)jteneyck Wrote: Lonnie, now that you asked I'll admit to a boo-boo I had to correct.  After applying the first coat of finish I carefully, or so I thought, scuff sanded with 325 grit sandpaper on a soft pad, by hand.  I was just trying to take off the nibs but as soon as I wiped it clean I saw two small areas near the left edge where I had cut through the finish and I think the dye, too.  Target Coatings says to use 600 grit between coats; next time I will. 

Hmm, what to do.  I tried the simplest thing first; I got a small artist's brush and brushed on some of the dye, sort of like painting in the grain.  To my relief, it wet out on the finish at the transition between the raw wood and finish.  So I carefully filled in the bare spots finishing each stroke across the transition to the finish.  It took less than a minute to do both spots which were about 1/2" in diameter.  It dried almost instantly because the dye was DNA based.  I sprayed the next coat of finish in maybe 30 minutes and it looked perfect.  

The dye was very dilute and where I had cut through was on the Sapele, so I got lucky.  It might have been much harder had it happened on the side with the maple and had the dye concentration been higher.  Thinking back on it, I should have raised the grain prior to applying the dye.  Even though I used DNA as the solvent it still causes the grain to raise slightly.  I also should have followed TC's guidelines at used 600 grit.  Next time.  


Thanks John - very helpful.

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