Supermax Drum Sander
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(11-16-2021, 11:56 AM)rwe2156 Wrote: Another vote for the tables.

I've had ongoing and seemingly unsolvable conveyor belt tracking issues.  I'll give you my experience:

A couple calls to tech support and I'm on my 3rd conveyor belt, still no joy I have learned to watch it like a hawk.  If the edges of the belt gets frayed, it supposedly won't track at all.

They said check the roller attached to the roller for parallel to the table.  It was out a fair amount and I though that would fix it, but it did not.

If anyone has had the issue and any advice, I'm all ears.
I had the same problem with tracking on a 16-32, one of the last ones before they got bought out by Laguna.   Tried a replacement belt (sanding grit type) without any luck.  Even had a friend of mine who sets up machines for Rockler look at it and he had no luck either.  Finally got a replacement belt from Laguna that seems to be more of poly type material.  That seemed to do the trick.  This was what was suggested by the tech at Laguna.   What I don't understand is why they don't supply this as standard equipment. I got mine from Acme Tool and I believe it was drop shipped from Laguna.  Hope this helps- I was about ready to sell mine after the number of frustrating hours I spent trying to get the original belt to track.
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Yup everything I think I’ve got it, it wanders again.

Thanks last time I talked to Laguna they steered me away from poly belt.

Someone suggested building up the middle of one roller with tape to create a convex shape. I’m gonna try that.

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