Looking for a Door Hinge.
As I mentioned the easiest quickest and cost effective way is to cut the molding to a 45 degree or slightly more depending on the swing. Not sure why there is base molding at the bottom of the door jam and that is why the problem. But you can cut that also to match the angle as the outside wall and just have an open joint. Paint it and no one would be the wiser.
John T.
So, the current hinge is 4x4. If I find 4x 4.5 or 5” wide hinge I should be good?

Yes, they would provide 1" or 2" more clearance than the existing. Be aware, with the door opened only 90*, it will encroach on the clear opening by 1/2' to 1". This decreases to zero as it's opened to 180*. I don't recall ever using 4 x 4.5 wide throw; possibly because there's always 4.5 x 4.5 butts in various finishes in my shop. They're a common commercial size so they're easy to find and are less expensive too. I'd rather resize a few mortices than wait for special order hinges.
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