Let There Be Light
  Re: RE: Let There Be Light by Pedder (Thought about it: ...)
(11-24-2021, 01:43 AM)Pedder Wrote: Thought about it:

Maybe two lamps would have been better?



  Re: Let There Be Light by Philip1231 (I built this cabinet...)
Philip, As others have said, the cabinet is gorgeous. It is truly remarkable how much the interior lights bring out the color and grain in the wood.

Somewhat like Derek, the first thing that I noticed was the light shining between the doors. I quickly realized that the only reason that the light was showing in the gap between the doors was that you had framed the picture with great care. That meant that the camera view was exactly aligned with the gap in the door. My expectation is that moving the camera a foot or so (~30cm) to the left while keeping it pointing at the center of the cabinet back would then have the middle and top lights shining directly into the camera. My guess is that the lights are mounted under each shelf at the back of the cabinet.

If dust is really a concern (my guess is that it is not) or the light shining between the doors is now bothersome since someone mentioned it, I would suggest a strip of brown felt in the gap between the doors (secured to one door).

If I am correct about the placement of the lights, then my concern would be that things in the cabinet will be backlit and things near the front of the cabinet will be in the shadows of medium sized object in the middle of the shelf. I believe that this is why cabinets with interior lighting tend to have a small underhang at the front of the shelves with the light(s) mounted behind that underhang so that people can not see the lights directly. The LEDs in a string (like those sold by LV that can be cut to length) or other lights made for under the upper kitchen cabinet might be worth considering.
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  Re: Let There Be Light by Philip1231 (I built this cabinet...)
    Tell us about the wood. It looks like cherry to me.  I made a similar shaped cabinet with a solid cherry front two doors rather than glass. The cherry was from someone here in Maine with his own sawmill. That worked out well because the cherry was easier to plane than kiln dried wood. I also loved the smell when working with it.
    It takes a brave person to post their work.  Sharing is what keeps the interest going here.  Thanks, I really enjoyed it.
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  Re: Let There Be Light by Philip1231 (I built this cabinet...)
I too like the cabinet.

Has anyone considered shielding or aiming the light itself differently?
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