Powermatic Color Match (Gold/Mustard)
Greetings fellow WoodNetters! Long time no see!

This is pretty much a PSA that I hope people can find when they are trying to search for the same thing I've been working on. 

I've been working on sprucing up this Powermatic planer and I was shocked to find that my Google-fu didn't give me any clear answer about what the best paint match is for this machinery. I know that Powermatic sells rattle can paint that is a match but I felt I could do better than spending $60 to have a can sent to my house. There were claims both good and bad of various "Farm" paints from Rust-Oleum and Krylon that were close (maybe? Nobody posted pictures!) And probably the best advice, just get an oil based enamel color matched. That's what I did, but again no posts with pictures or the color formula! So, here is what I ended up buying, with the color match in case someone out there can't take part of their machine into the store, or it is too far gone to do so:


Some pics before:

And after:
Wink    Re: Powermatic Color Match (Gold/Mustard) by bj² (Greetings fellow Woo...)
Very nice job - love the color! I think your match turned out "swell." 

  Re: Powermatic Color Match (Gold/Mustard) by bj² (Greetings fellow Woo...)
The color matching process with paints has really improved, they nailed yours exactly. Very nice.
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  Re: Powermatic Color Match (Gold/Mustard) by bj² (Greetings fellow Woo...)
Anybody got a match for the old green?  I've got a planer that needs a facelift.
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Nice! Thanks for this.................

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