Back to making a few boxes, again
Of the 7 planes I had to rehab....everything but 2 have either found a shelf to sit on, or a new home...the 2 left out in all of this?
Sold by Sears Craftsman, made by Sargent...No. 79.  One is complete, the other can be used as a shoulder plane.....decided to build a box to store them in...that was the, Lowes to buy 3 planks of "Craft Lumber"...
Hmmm, Lowes is importing Pine lumber, now?
Well, it is Clear Pine, at any rate...Total cost for the 3 boards, after the 10% discount, and after the 7% sales tax....$16.25....

Next trip to the shop (Laundry Detail) was a LONG one (had to wait on the Laundry to get done, right?)Full Laundry hamper, and 3 boards were hauled to the shop..

Wasn't really going to use the it was cleaned off, for use as an assembly table....again..that WAS the Plan...
Was just going to make a few cross cuts..
Using the Stanley No. 358..mainly due to it cutting perfect 90 degree  cuts..
No need to fiddle around with a shooting board, even IF I could find mine, again...4 cuts

Right about now, plans started to change...old saying" The best battle plan in the world, is only good until the first shot goes off.."

"First Shot" was when I looked around for a 1/4" plywood panel to make a bottom for the box..
So much for not needing the shot...
Something did not look just right...can you tell?  Lets sit a plane in the box..
Way too tall...have almost enough for two boxes......hmmmmm.....also two planes will NOT fit in the box, without sitting on each other, and rattling around...would be better to make a box for each?   Have enough Pine for 2, and enough 1/4" plywood for 2 bottom panels....back to the drawing board....spent the second hour of shop/Laundry time getting things set up...

Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Back to making a few boxes, again by bandit571 (Of the 7 planes I ha...)
Reset the rip fence a bit.
Now have all the side cut to match and make 2 boxes....I had cross cut 2 out of 3 planks...and had a bit of leftover from both
IF I mark out how wide a lid I MIGHT need, rip that extra of , keeping the center line intact...and match the grain..might make at least on panel for one lid?  OK...then need to joint the edges..
Then a bit of glue, 3 pairs of cauls, and a few clamps...
And set this aside, out of the way for a day or two....

had the Usual Suspects rounded up, to mill finger/box joints for the least for the first box...may get fancy for the 2nd one..depends..
Begins with the Stanley SW No. 68 set to the thickness (1/2") of the boards, and marking all the ends...i came back with a pencil so I can SEE them, take the two long sides, and put them together face to  face, was trying to keep the "best" face out..stand these two up in the vise, and grab the 6mm chisel that will be doing all the chopping...
Step in towards the center...chisel setting how wide each finger will be...then the combo square to carry the line down and around...
Separate these 2, easier to saw, that way...drop one lower in the vise...
And make a bit of sawdust with the old #4....

Set up a chopping station..
Square and a knife, to cut a knife wall as the "Baseline" 

Stay tune...BRB..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Back to making a few boxes, again by bandit571 (Of the 7 planes I ha...)
Ok, chopping time ( clothes are NOW in the dryer, when they are done, so am I)
Start with the outside (Show) face....chop about halfway down, leave a small front porch for support..goal is to prevent any blowout  from chopping from the inside...seems to work...then flip the board over..
And finish the choppings..clean up as need to straighten any crooked stuff...this will be the pattern when the matching fingers are marked out...I stand the fingers up onto the next board..
Just trace a bit around each finger with a SHARP pencil...then finish the layout with a square..
This time around, I saw on the waste side of the lines, trying to leave as much of the line as the saw will let me (blame the saw, not the sawyer..)  I also mark the insides of the boards....a  big IN to show which is the inside face, a T for top of the box, and the B for the bottom of the box....and, since this is the first corner I'm doing, both halves get a #1 rid by the fingers...helps during the glue ups...

Same as before, chop the waste out, clean it up a bit.try a dry fit...
Not too hateful?  First ones are usually the worst..I tend to get a bit better as I go along.  whole joint takse about..15 minutes to do. 
Clothes are done..time to stop here, for a day.....

Mini Load of Laundry....about an hour in the shop, this time...means Corner #2 will get done..
Corners #1 and
Corner #3 done...what is slowing things down is the picture taking...anyway....
All 4 corners are done,  Laundry is over into the dryer..I think that will do, for now..

Next episode?   Whole lot of rebates going on....going to put those two planes to work...

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Back to making a few boxes, again by bandit571 (Of the 7 planes I ha...)
Begins with a layout line, to show where the rebates will be....
Make sure the side says "IN"(side) and there is a "B"(ottom) where you will be cutting the rebate..gather the Usual Suspects..
As it turned out, didn't NEED the Woodie...the two #79s will work just fine..
The fenced version cut the rebate...the un-fenced was used as a Shoulder plane, to clean up areas..
Like where that red circle also fine tuned the depth, until the plywood panel would sit flush with the edge...
When each side was done, it was time to assemble things..
Sit the plywood panel in place..
And get a supply of clamps set up, for now..
That way the clamps are ready to go, when the glue is...also checked how the gaps closed up...flipped this mess over, to see how well a plane will fit..

have one more chore for those 2 planes, as a panel had just came out of the clamps...

Needs trimmed for length AND width...
Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Back to making a few boxes, again by bandit571 (Of the 7 planes I ha...)
Ok, pine panel has been trimmed down to size...needs some layout line drawn..
Need to mill a rebate all around, on the inside face.   Rebate is to fit in a groove, to form up a lid...I worked on the end grain first..

Tried to rotate the spurs down to cut across the grain...bolts won't budge..we have ways..
I used that utility knife like the spur, pull it across 5-6 times....then deepen the cut to the depth needed..
So that what is left will match the width of that #12 (1/4") cutter...once both ends were done, then the long grain sides can be done..
Then, just a check to see IF enough was taken off  that the panel will fit into the box..
A bit snug, but should do the job....

Have the Stanley 45 all set up..
Fence has been Micro Adjusted, depth stop set...
Next up?  Need to take the box apart, plough some grooves, dry fit....then mark where to saw to split off the lid, once the glue has cured..

Will try that...and while the glue sets up on Box #1,  I can get a start on Box #2?

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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