Cabinet scraper advice?

Woodcraft sells a card scraper holder made of wood that is pretty inexpensive. I own one and it does work. It may not be too hard to make something to do the same thing.

IMO a cabinet scraper is better for evening out glue lines. You can pick up a Stanley 81 pretty cheap, or go with the Veritas 80 which is a very nice tool.

I have both, and they both have their applications. I tend to use the 81 for rough stuff like glue removal. I like the 80 on large surfaces.

I don't use one, but you can buy a card holder which you can adjust the bend much easier on hands.
I have the Stanley No. 80.....OEM Iron with the SW in a heart....all turned up.    Was using it on Ash for that tool chest quite well, for being 100 years old...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
I have double jointed thumbs so get a lot of ache and fatigue. I looked into getting a cabinet scraper #80 or scraper plane #112 but made my own card scraper holder to use in the interim. Works pretty well and I forgot about looking for another option.

I have a couple of the scrapers sold by Stewmac.  Stewmac is a company that mostly serves guitar luthiers.  They have a very thick (like maybe 1/4") scraper that you prep with a grinder to raise the burr on both sides of the edge.  It's made of tool steel and the burr lasts a VERY long time.  They have different shapes (square and rounded).  For glue lines on panel glue-ups or leveling out tearout, I don't think it can be matched.  Not cheap ($44 for their regular sized scraper), but to me, it was well worth the price.
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(12-06-2021, 09:45 AM)rwe2156 Wrote: I tend to use the 81 for rough stuff like glue removal.

Interesting, because Stanley marketed the 81 as "for the finest work."
(12-04-2021, 01:35 PM)Aram Wrote: I have a big stack of card scrapers. I use them to clean up glue lines, smooth out small divots from my machines, and occasionally to make two slightly different heights flush, if a block plane won't do. Typically, I would use thumb pressure to get a small bend. My hands are getting weaker, and it is getting about impossible for me to use them any more. I can still dress an edge.

I have a scraper plane, but that is a different animal, and not necessarily the best for all of those tasks. So I was thinking of getting a cabinet scraper, which (I think) will cover *some* of those uses.

Good idea? If yes, which one? Lee Valley looks nice, though sole seems rather long front to back.

Thoughts? Advice?


I made a holder for an elderly lady that was an avid wood worker.  Her scrapers were 3" long. The holder was aluminum 4" long by 3/8" thick and 3/8" wide. 
I drilled and tapped 10/24 x 1/2" long allen head cap screws 5/16" from each end. Then drilled a thru hole at each end for the screws in a piece of 1/16" x 3/8"x4"  scrap of steel. Almost and metal for this would do, I had the steel on hand. 
To use the scraper the center had a ***** about 3/8" x 3/8" x about 1/8" thick. The steel was snugged up with the card scraper between the aluminum holder and the steel  band . The bend was made by tightening the screws evenly with the scraper in place against the *****.
I even made an allen wrench holder for her so tightening would be easier. Just added a steel handle that was bored for the allen wrench.
Martha taught me how to use and sharpen a scraper many years ago. She taught me much more in the years I knew her. Met when I replaced an entry door to her shop. She is gone now, but not forgotten.
Thanks to all of you for the advice. I should have bought this years ago.

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(12-05-2021, 02:34 PM)Aram Wrote: Thanks, all. I picked up an 80M off eBay. At some point, I'll might it my woodworking buddy and go for the Veritas. Appreciate the advice.

Well done

I used an 80m that a friend let me borrow and it was really really nice to use, easy on the hands and makes some very nice shavings which I gave to my wife to start the wood stove with.

It was with a huge sigh when I had to give it back.  
Crazy   It was the right thing to do but I was wondering if I held on to it long enough he might forget.  
Big Grin
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