Which saw?
If you could only have either a miter saw, or a table saw, which would you have!
I can't imagine not having the table saw, which can do what the miter saw can, plus rip, and dados.
I'm talking for home shop, not trim carpentry.
What say?
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If only 1 then definitly a table saw. At the same time I cannot imagine being without a good mitre saw.
Plus 1, definitely the table saw, if you could only have one, but I have to agree, I use the miter saw a lot.
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A hand held circular saw can replace a miter saw for a lot of things. I would keep the table saw if I had to make the choice.
I lived a very long time with just a table saw. Now CB I tend to use the miter saw more often, but I would keep the table saw over the miter saw in a heart beat

Table saw.

Every thing I can do with a miter saw can be done with a table saw, except for cart it to a job site.  You might need some jigs, but it can be done, usually with greater precision.

On the flip side, the miter saw can't do everything the table saw does. 

This wasn't part of the question, but, "No, I would not want to trim out a house with crown moulding using my table saw."
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(12-09-2021, 03:46 PM)stav Wrote: A hand held circular saw can replace a miter saw for a lot of things. I would keep the table saw if I had to make the choice.

It can also replace a table saw in many situations.  While expensive, the Festool track saws have many accessories that can do about 90% of what you use a table saw for.
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Table saw. Second choice would be radial arm saw. Next…track saw or maybe band saw. Miter saw every 5 to 10 years whe I do a construction project. But…that’s me.
17" Bandsaw and a 10" Miter saw is all I need ... I have a cabinet saw but also having a track saw I could easily get along w/o it ...
No other saws, not counting a slider, can fully take the place of a tablesaw.


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