finish for white oak that will not ever turn yellow/amber?
(02-19-2022, 10:40 AM)kencombs Wrote: I'm really late to this party but wanted to ask:
Have any of you use automotive clears in such cases?

They have a very  UV inhibitors as the base coats that they cover have non.  And that is one of the major reasons early clears seem to peel so much.  Not enough UV blockers in them so the sunlight damaged the underlying layers causing de-lamination.  At least that is what I've read.

They are very durable, but expensive.

Not yet, and that's why. Plus, there are very few waterborne automotive clearcoats and I can't spray solvent based products.  

But really, for interior projects the acrylic waterbornes don't yellow.   EM-6000 from TC or GF's Enduro Clear Poly or SW's Kem Aqua Plus are all good examples.  It's the wood underneath that ages and the only way to retard that is with a product containing the HALS system, such as Kem Aqua Plus.  Automotive clearcoats don't have that system.  


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