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Really.  Here is the question.  A friend just had their entire downstairs renovated.  His wife wants to buy a new dining room table and has found one that she loves.  It seems (I haven't seen it but he has checked it out) like a good, quality table, except for one thing that bothers my friend - the top is veneered.  He is not sure of the substrate beneath the veneer, but he said the table appears solid enough.  The table is not inexpensive and he wants to know if high quality tables are sometimes veneered and if he should go through with the purchase.  I have never veneered and don't know a thing about how it is used for commercial furniture.  I know one watch out would be if he ever wanted to sand it and refinish it but I know he would never do that.  I though I would pose the question to the group here.  Good stuff?  Stay away?  OK but find another table that is hardwood through and through?  Any feedback, as always, is appreciated.  Thanks in advance...FPT.
If it is a quality built table, there is no reason veneer can't be used so long is it is matching in quality.

The other, easier answer, is in your fourth sentence.  Happy wife, happy life.

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Veneered substrates don't warp, crack, split, etc. like solid tabletops often do.  Design wise, you can do things not possible with solid wood, like starbursts, 90 deg butted joints, inlayed borders, etc. 

The bad news is the veneer isn't very thick and often difficult to repair if damaged.  If your friend and/or his kids are rough on things he'd probably be better off with a table with a solid wood top.  If he's even thinking about the need to refinish it he shouldn't buy a veneered table.  Otherwise, go for it.  Veneered tables from a quality manufacturer will perform great and last for generations.  

What John said. For my family, a veneered formal dining room table would be fine if carefully used and somewhat covered when not being used. For a kitchen table in a “working” household, I would do solid wood for durability and ease of repair.

Veneered tables can be of good quality or can be crap, just depends on who made it and to what price point.  If this one is not what you want, consider looking into 2d hand shops, at times you can find good quality pieces for a reasonable price.  You might have to do some refinishing or repair but it might be a good option in select situations.
If there is an auction place near him/you, check it out.  I usually see very good quality dining room tables and 6 chairs going for a couple of hundred dollars.  Sometimes you can even get a china cabinet with it.
Thank you all.  He and she are still undecided but I passed along all of this good information.  My sense is that they will go for it.  Thanks again...FPT.

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