22" Wooden Fore/Jointer, plus extras
Reorganizing the shop and have some surplus woodies. Here's a 22" fore/jointer that I used to use, but haven't in the last decade or so and its time to purge it; flattened the sole, its sharp enough and will certainly joint panel edges as you can see. Mouth is sort of wide, and if you're so inclined you can patch it but I've never found that to be an issue, especially in a foreplane. Yours for $40 plus shipping.

Plus, I'll throw in as freebies two other woodies I got in a box lot that I've never used, one is a coffin smoother with a remade wedge in pretty good shape, the other a skewed rabbet/shoulder plane that needs a little love to joint the sole. With a little TLC both can do work.
Not a bad bargain for someone so inclined to wooden planes.

NOTE: payment by USPS money order please unless I know you from the forum then checks are fine, I don’t have any EFT accounts; I ***** when I get your mail and will PM you when shipped so you’ll know that they are on their way, with a USPS estimate of deliver date (sometimes they lie). All prices are plus shipping by USPS, no “handling” fees are added. If you’re interested, PM's saying “I’ll take it” get priority and please include your full name and shipping address as that cuts down on back and forth PMs.

Here's a link to a Flickr album with pics:
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HI Admiral,
It's been a while since I have been in touch.
Interested in your woodies.
Lemme know.

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