Help with dust collector filter...catch?
(01-15-2022, 07:15 PM)arnman Wrote: Can you please point me to the thread where there was discussion about using a plastic bag in the barrel (I am assuming under a cyclone?).

I would really like to use a plastic bag in the barrel if I knew it would not get sucked up and into the impeller.


Here you go:  Link
(formerly "WxMan")
Thanks R Clark!

I would recommend the use of a bucket or other catch under the filter, at least so you can monitor the level of material that has reached the filter.

I use a 2.5 gallon bucket (same diameter of a 5 gallon bucket) with a gamma seal under my wynn filter.  I used the short steel clips to secure the gamma lid to the wynn filter.  This worked great until it suddenly did not.

Two things happened.  First, the metal clips seemed to lose their ability to securely hold the gamma lid to the bottom of the filter (I did not even notice this until the next thing happened).  Second, the threads on the gamma seal failed - suddenly - during a planing session.  My back was to the cyclone, so I did not even notice immediately.  I smelled "dust" and eventually turned around to see the bucket on the floor.  It had blown off the bottom of the lid.  I know it was the threads that had failed, because I was not able to re-thread it firmly without the threads jumping back off.

I now secure the bucket to the underside of the filter by capturing the top of the filter and bottom of bucket between pieces of plywood, with all-thread rod holding the assembly together.  This is very secure.

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