Laminate Flooring
Armstrong Laminate flooring 50 SF more or less. 1 unopened box of 28 SF and 1 open box with only a few planks removed. These are getting in my way and would like to give them to someone who can use them. You will be expected to pick them up. I live in SW Mo. I 'll UPS but at your expense. No charge for the flooring.

I hate throw them away. These could be used for an assembly table or the like. I've used some for the cabinet tops on both side of my SMS, works great in that application.

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If you get no takers, consider giving them  to a Habitat Restore (if you have one nearby).
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(01-09-2022, 04:37 PM)fredhargis Wrote: If you get no takers, consider giving them  to a Habitat Restore (if you have one nearby).

Habitat, in my area at least, will not accept small amounts of left over new flooring, definitely no partial boxes.  Not a lot of options, basement storage to repair future damage, or use for craft projects.
I find laminate flooring works well for a lot of jigs where you need a smooth consistent surface. I made a router circle jig out of some I had left over from doing my house about 15 years ago.

That is, if you can't find a taker.
Keep for repairs- you never know.
I use scraps of vinyl plank for mixing bondo
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Is it possible to fabricate structures or boxes using leftover laminate flooring?  Just wondering.

My first thought was making a barn door and covering it with the flooring.  A piece f 3/4" plywood to make a 3' x 7' door would require just over 42 square feet; more if you set them diagonally or in a herringbone fashion.

This Google search yielded these:
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