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Thanks for all of the replies. I contacted the manufacturer (Respironics, not Devilbliss). Tried their online chat feature. Rep responded that I needed to call a phone number. Did that and was on hold for 15 minutes listening to non-stop add message urging me to contact them online. Then they hung up.

I can't see a reason this thing won't work properly on a switched outlet (the question I posed in the online chat). Over the 2.5 years we've had this O2 concentrator, the power has gone off in the middle of the night and restored numerous times. Each time, the machine turned on and operated without incident. I will connect a remote switch as planned. Thx.
  Re: Electrical question by RichK (Mother-in-law has a ...)
You'll know it will work if you plug it in, turn it on and unplug it. Plug it back in and see if it comes back on.

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  Re: Electrical question by RichK (Mother-in-law has a ...)
Yup. It's been unplugged, moved, and plugged back in many times without incident. I was just checking to make sure there wasn't something unique about O2 compressors being kept in the "on" position and remotely controlled.
  Re: Electrical question by RichK (Mother-in-law has a ...)
Have you unplugged it with the switch turned on? Many of them have an alarm that will go off if it is turned on and loses power.

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