Question Move shop tools or sell and re buy
Move it all, EXCEPT any tools you plan to upgrade, i.e. 6" jointer to 8" jointer, etc. Moved across the country 15+ years ago (2,000+ miles) and the first trip rented a box truck to haul most of my tools. Second trip pulled a utility trailer with the rest along with other items.

If your tools are in good condition and you like them, you'll save a ton of money by not re-buying the stationary tools, especially. BTDT.

This might sound odd, but look into PODS. I looked it up, the weight limit is 5200 pounds for an 8' one (the bigger ones carry less weight).
It's pretty affordable to move with them, but the nicest thing is that you can load them at your own pace.. So you don't have to call a dozen friends and do the frenzied loading and
then make a long drive.. Using PODS is probably cheaper than renting a truck one way.. But obviously, I have not done a price check recently, so check before you use it.
Even if you had to use two PODs to hold all your tools, it might be worth it.. Obviously, you could fill the empty space with lighter boxes too.
Pods can be a good option, but you do need to make sure that the Pods company will deliver them to your new location.

A former co-worker (now retired) loaded up 2 large Pods when he was prepping his house here to sell it.

He thought that he was going to buy something nice in TN or KY, but he got caught by the sudden housing price increases and wound up buying in AL.

Unfortunately, Pods would not deliver to AL. Nor would they move the Pods out of where they were in the middle of the country (since he now lived in a state that they did not service).

He eventually had to hire a moving company to transfer the contents of the Pods in the Pods storage site into moving van(s) and transport his property to AL.
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Thank you gentlemen, I'm for sure going to hang on to the main machines in the shop, the portable tools are also going, and hardwood lumber.
Paul I will look into the pod thing as that would add a great deal of convenience when it comes to loading and not having to drive a heavily loaded box truck be it Uhaul or other brand. It will make sense as long as they service my area and my destination. 
Thank you all for your input and ideas. 
I wasn't aware PODS could hold that much weight.
We moved from VA to OK in May of 2020, using two 26' uhauls.  The trucks drove over the mountains without a hitch, loaded to the gills.  I moved all my tools, as I spent a lifetime gathering them, and had no desire to replace them with new.  However, I did go through every drawer in every box and toss the broken tools.  I went thru the files and tossed the owners manuals for tools I hadn't owned in a decade.  I put all the extra parts and accessories for those same long gone tools in a box and gave them to a buddy who is always repairing tools for others.  I went thru hardware, and thinned out the supplies I couldn't take.  I went thru the wood supplies, gave the scraps to a buddy for cutting boards.

Then... Started on the house.  Room by room.  Closets, chests, cabinets.  Mailed things to the kids, gave stuff to charity, three trips to the dump.  Sold the tractor and impliments, utv, and flatbed trailer.  A second pass thru the house, with a more critical eye.  More trips to the dump. 
Big Grin

We moved 1400 miles.  I don't want to do THAT again. 
Jim in Okie
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