Out with the old..
and in with the new...

The Old..
Craftsman disc/beltsander...yard sale find, long ago...$10.....bearings getting bad, motor mount broken, drive pulleys shot..
That be a Dirt Devil drive belt, that rarely stays put....salvaged a few items off of it...
And this was headed outside to the curb..cleaned the bench up a bit..
Shopping trip to both Lowes and Harbor Freight, yesterday...
Replacement Flashlights, new scrollsaw blades, a couple 12" clamps (gives me a set of 8, now)
Bandsaw is repaired, just needed a new blade..1/4" 6tpi, 80" long....as for a sanding center..
About 9x what I paid for the old Craftsman...some assembly required.  

During a drain repair session...discovered all my "channel-lock" style pliers have disappeared...so...
Got back home and found my ONE Proto channel-lock....figures. 

Last night, got the sander assembled....and tossed out the "miter gauge" shaped object.....one of the salvaged parts from the old sander was a GOOD mitre gauge...and, it even fit the slot on the new sander.  Table is a bit TOO stiff...may try to adapt the old table.   Base has rubber feet..right now there is a c clamp holding things still...intend to drill a couple holes and bolt the thing down to the bench. 

Note:  H-F's next size up was about $60 MORE...and would NOT fit into MY shop.   Sander comes with 80 grit belt and disc...youch!  Will replace with fine grit stuff, next trip out.  

Bandsaw up and running, Scrollsaw has new blades...sanding center replaced....Might go out and get some lumber and MAKE stuff, again....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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