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(01-28-2022, 02:22 PM)Tahoe Gator Wrote: I did! Doug, I think you confirm that at least closing that one giant hole for accommodating different angles helps. My guess is there are ample other holes in the cabinet to get the airflow needed that others mention. Thank you for sharing!

Question for you: Who makes that above table guard shown in the practice cuts at the end of the video?

Sorry, but I don't know who makes that guard. In the video it looked like a "smooth operator" although I don't think it incorporated a DC connection. Maybe someone else is familiar with it???

I noticed on the Grizzly web site they make a guard similar to the Shark Guard with a DC port for ~$150.

I have the Grizzly G1023 cabinet saw and wasn't that happy with both protection and dust collection.  I ended up designing and building my own overhead guard system.  No I don't think it's more perfect than any other guard when it comes to dust collection but it's an improvement over the stock one and is easy to move out of the way when needed.  I added a splitter that though it does not move automatically can be raised and lowered as needed.  I'm happy with how it works.

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I agree with Lumber Yard...Shark Guard is great. They are great people to work with. He was having trouble keeping up with demand a while ago. Remember they are a small business but a really good one.
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Hey everyone. I've got an old Delta 10 Contractor that's been nicely restored. I've been working on dust collection using a Fein shop vac along with a Dust Deputy. I decided to try minimizing the open spaces to maximize airflow around the blade. I know there's controversy over whether this really hurts or helps, but I thought I'd try. There's still a lot of open space, just less now that there was.

Anyway I've had a strange issue – a really weird ringing sound that occurs the more I close off airflow. It sounds exactly like microphone feedback (like if you get a mic too close to a speaker), and it's really really loud. Loud to the point that I can't use it. It's definitely not coming from the vacuum, but is from the inside of the table saw. It occurs whether or not the table saw is running, or even attached to power. And the more I block airflow, the worse it gets. But, for reference, it was audible even with the back of the saw (where the motor is attached) wide open. 

Has anyone ever seen/heard this? Any suggestions? Thank you!
I haven't had that happen, but moving air can really make some noise when forced through various orifices. I think you have choked thing down to the point where the vacuum air is causing the noise. About the only thing you can do is start eliminating some of the points until it goes away....whatever you last removed was probably the culprit. But I think you will never be successful trying to catch dust form a contractor saw with a vac. You mentioned controversy over blocking air flow....there really isn't any, just folks who think there is. The dust is carried out by air, blocking it off eliminates the carrier of the dust. But a vac just doesn't have the air flow needed, you really need a DC.
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I have a fairly loud "whistle" through one of my bandsaws when the DC is on. I've never worried about it because I wear hearing protection. It is loud though and the sound goes away when I open the lower wheel door where the 4" dust port. You can feel the suction when attempting to open the door cover for the lower wheel and I assume the "whistle" comes from sucking in air through the door seams. I also had a "whistle" on my RAS through the blade cover from the front facing dust port. I just plugged the dust port with a 3d printed plug.
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    I used the Shark Guard here. When I had the house built in 1998 i had the garage designed for my shop. (I'm the only one in the neighborhood w/o a garage. It's my "SHOP") so the PVC is below the floor. Has mentioned in an other reply, I too don't worry about the dust collected inside the cabinet, I just clean it out every now and then.


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On my 1023 (same vintage), overhead piping drops to the a homemade blade guard, and for the cabinet I attached a rectangular funnel beneath the blade with flex leading directly to the outlet port.  This gets better than 90% of the interior dust with only infrequent cleanouts needed.  And the only opening partly covered is the bevel slot, with one of those magnetic signs for vehicles.

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