Can You Help ID Some Boards?
I bought a large pallet of boards back in 2007 or so.  I've used a bunch, but most I've been storing since them.  I just moved the to a different location, and I'm interested in figuring out what I've got.  I generally think it's a mix of mostly mahogany and walnut.  But there are some odd looking boards mixed in.  Is there an app out there that can ID boards that people recommend?  I've tried apps for identifying plants, and it's hit or miss.

I'm going to post some pics here, and would appreciate your thoughts on what I've got.  Many of the boards are rough sawn, and I don't have my planes or power tools set up, so I can't smooth them out to really see the grain.

Thanks in advance.

1.  I think this is mahogany.  One one edge, someone wrote 12/4 FAS SAM.  I'm guessing the SAM is South American Mahogany?  



2.  I'm guessing the one on the left is walnut.  Not sure about one on the right.


3.  This isn't a very good picture.  But these are 3" x 3" and about 6' long.  Walnut?  Maybe they're just junk wood?  

4.  This is 10/4ish.  It's a close up of the big board to the left in the top photo.  I'm thinking walnut?


5. Walnut?


6.  Last one for now.   Walnut, Mahogany, Walnut, Walnut?


It's all junk. Where are you located? I'll get rid of it for you.

Honestly though it does look like mahogany (or sapele) and walnut, at least as much as I can identify rough lumber. Planing will tell you almost immediately - mahogany by the texture and grain, walnut by the grain and smell. Otherwise visual identification can help.
Looks like walnut and mahogany.
I think you'll have better answers if you surface a section of the wood and take close up pictures of the grain like you did in (1). With rough sawn wood it can be hard to identify species because the grain is harder to see.

With all that being said this is what I see:
1) Mahogany
2) Not sure
3) Not sure
4) Looks like walnut
5) Walnut
6) Looks like walnut w/ sapwood, looks like mahogany, not sure and not sure

Again, a surfaced area with close up pics is going to yield better answers. HTH
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I've used a 1" Forstner bit to show fresh wood on end and face of a board.  Take just a little off and you can see the color/grain lots better.
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