Benchtop Dust collector
My shop is hybrid metal and wood shop.  I am hyper-vigilant about dust as dust becomes rust on precision surfaces. I want to build a dust collector that I can use while I am doing hand work at my bench.  Specifically, fitting and carving stringed instrument bridges.  I do a lot of  work with a fret saw, rasp and files, as well as sanding.  I'm looking to build a 10" or so box with a simple fan and filter setup. 

My question is what is a good CFM to expect to be effective in this kind of use?  This will determine how much fan I need.  A downdraft table is not feasible as I need to maximize bench area  (basses and cellos take up a lot of space on a 6 foot bench).  I'm using a box fan and house filter right now, but that just doesn't  seem to draw enough.  I just want to be able to catch the dust in a 3-foot radius or so.

I have a ceiling WEN collector, but I would like to catch dust before it gets that far. (plus the way things are set up, it would float the dust right past my face and shoulder)  I have a whole shop system and one of those big gulp fittings, but the shop setup makes this more trouble than it is worth. (Available ducts are on the other side of the shop)(besides, that tends to suck up little pieces of sandpaper and other bits that I need!)

Any ideas?
Maybe we're talking apples and oranges, but I've never seen rust on my machines caused by dry dust.  Wet wood dust, sure, but never from KD wood.  What's the RH in your shop?  

How about one of these?

Oneida Benchtop

Once Favre hangs it up though, it years of cellar dwelling for the Pack. (Geoff 12-18-07)  

Oneida -- $700 for a 460 cfm dust collector?

Many Lasko box fans have a max of over 1,700 cfm for just $30 to $40. The catch however is their noise -- set to a lower speed to reduce the noise. Some other brands are quieter.

I'd get a box fan with decent cfm (1200 or higher) and noise level, and use it with a furnace filter rated merv 13 or mpr 1900/2200. Wear hear protection for comfort if necessary.

I currently use a box fan with 20x20 inch filters for the bench top however it does take up some space.  The latest issue of Woodsmith has DC plans that seem interesting using an 8 inch inline duct fan. I've seen these having 750+ CFM.  I'm looking at scaling the filter length down to incorporate the same HEPA filter that's in my Rigid shop vacuum to allow for a smaller footprint on the bench top.
My box fan takes up 5" x 23" or so including the filter. The footprint can be further reduced to 5" x 20" by trimming the filter, if really necessary. That isn't much for a typical workbench. If space is really an issue, the box fan can be placed by the side of the bench (just screw a ledge or something to the bench).

In terms of effectiveness and costs together, one can't find a better solution. Of course, those are not necessarily the key criteria in deciding what to use or build.

Thanks for all your input.  I will try one of the Lasko fans, they seem to pack a punch.  This might be enough for what i need.
As for bench space, it wasn't a matter of size so much as being forced to place it somewhere near my work in order to collect any dust.  If the fan draws more (hence farther away), I can move it to a different spot on the bench and it doesn't need to be right next to me.  I have seen some of these designs use shutters to focus the draw.  This might also be something to consider

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