Stopped in Urbana, OH..
Where there are 2 Antique Stores side by side...$5 Brace, $8 square came from the first store...Plus sales tax...second store?   2 chisels for $5 each, and a strange looking caliper for $ sales tax..

Brace is a 10" sweep No. 1202 from P.S. & W. Co.   With a Samson chuck...

2 chisels are 1/2" wide....both have replacement handles, one has a PEXTO logo

Name on the caliper:  H.E. Crawford Company.   Not sure what it was designed to do...

Combo Square was a Dunlap.....the a Mr John Schumacher had bought at Sears long ago...missing the level vial, and the scriber.   I have "replacements" on hand.

Looked at over 6 different braces,  20 different chisels....and maybe a dozen squares....dug through a Fifty Cents Each tray for thecaliper

Not too bad a way to kill time, while the Boss is shopping at Wal E World...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Good morning Bandit,

    Those are called hermaphrodite calipers. Most often a machinist tool rather
than for woodworking.

    A definition I pulled off the net:

    "A hermaphrodite caliper has one leg bent inward and one straight leg ending in a sharp point; this type of caliper is used for scribing lines at a specified distance from a flat or curved surface.'

Mark Singleton

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My (Now) two Samson chucked braces.....the 10" seems to be a bit older than the 12" one.     The 10" No.1202 has the P.S. & W.  logo..the 12" has the PEXTO logo in an oval..The chucks are the same, though.   Both seem to be very good Brace Drills....and can hold all kinds of shank shapes...square or rounds....might just be a "Keeper"?

Whoever sharpened those two chisels....did NOT have a clue....They also LOVED to spray ClearCoat.....nice and thick, rust or not...will set these two aside for a rainy day....handles don't match...not a biggie.  

Square has a different way of marking the numbers.....they engraved the outlines of the numbers.   Logo is an Oval with DUNLAP inside.   I might be able to replace the vial for the missing level..have a "Line Level"  that never was much use....looks like it will fit....already have a spare scriber. 

Still, wasn't too bad of a day...last time I went there...I spent $70 on a Stanley No.8c, Type 19.....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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