Krenov Style Apron Planes
(05-14-2022, 10:05 AM)jcousins2 Wrote: I just bought a small piece at macbeath hardwood in Berkeley- 31.07 a pound.
I love that place, they used to have a place in the South Bay but closed it down, it was nothing like the Berkeley store.

I got some of my favorite olive wood there, I still have some to make handles out of. It is one of my all time favorite woods to work.

Do they have ebony up there these days? I haven't been there, but there's a couple crooks I won't deal with in the South Bay, one sells green wood claiming it's dry, which isn't very nice, IMO.

McBeath has always been pretty fair. I have several different rosewoods and I had one really cool Bocote board, not very big but Steve Knight made a dovetail plane out of it for me. Inside in the room next to the register is where the cool stuff used to be, but back up on top in the warehouse/storage there's some nice walnut and other more common species.

Hope you got some cool wood, as you can tell I like that place!

As soon as I get my shop built, I'm going shopping for at least some hardwoods to use on cabinets and such. I want a lot of extraordinary wood inside the home...I'll spend more in time than I will on wood, so I might as well build the best...
Geometry was the most critical/useful mathematics class I had, and it didn't even teach me mathematics.
A bit of a funny update. I just sent notice to those who ordered planes from batch two when there planes will ***** and the word ***** gets edited to *****. Hopefully they know I wasn't using a naughty word LOL.

On another note ,just a confirmation that as of today only 18 more of these Gaboon Ebony apron planes will be built. Reason being that is all the Ebony cutoff stock I have on hand. If I had to order more wood I just couldn't make and sell these at such a fair price with the Hock blades. If your interested in one of these 18 please send me a note. All Ebony or Ebony body with Bubinga, Cocobolo, Rosewood or Curly Maple sides are options for the last 18.
I'm spending Sunday afternoon in the studio with some Hock blades and the Tormek T-8. A perfect day for sharpening, nice breeze coming through the windows and listening to good music.

For those of you that may be interested. I shipped out another box of the Ebony flats this afternoon. The box weighed in at 2 lb's, 8 oz. I'm sure these all average the same weight within a few ounces.

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