The Almost Universal Shooting Board
You may have noticed my post in the Woodworking forum about a new shooting board I have developed.  If not, here is a link to the page on my website that explains what it is and how it works:  Link

The basic shooting board is identical to the one I advertised below.  To make the Almost Universal Shooting Board I developed an add-on to allow the shooting of 45 deg bevels at any angle from 90 to less than 45 degrees.  To do that you replace the standard pivot stop with a new one specifically made for shooting bevels and you add a 45 degree ramp to hold the plane at 45 degrees.  The new pivot stop includes its own pivot guide and just swaps out for the standard one, and the standard one is put back in place again for shooting miters.  The bevel kit parts are shown here:

[Image: AM-JKLWHgSjyWGbfaQdqS4V_RLL_BmrAYKnvPWuk...authuser=0]

The 45 deg ramp has threaded inserts installed in the bottom which mate with machine screws through the base of the shooting board.  The 45 deg ramp has been designed with an integral and replaceable shelf for the plane to ride on.  That shelf positions the blade of the plane exactly even with the edge of the shooting board to prevent damage to it.  Retrofit of existing shooting boards is a simple process taking no more than 30 minutes.  

This is what they look like installed on the shooting board.  

[Image: AM-JKLXsoPA-N5c5F_yPz3FuwUHAlFMQNXyRUX0l...authuser=0]

Shooting bevels at 90 deg is straight forward since the ends of the pivot stop and replaceable wear stops are precut to 45 degrees.  

[Image: AM-JKLWv4gYJW5ztE_NQqxGhdATAOnHYIdpUxlzK...authuser=0]

To shoot other angles, however, the wear stops need to be recut, or you could pivot the stop to the desired angle and let the plane cut it to the required angle.  To shoot a 45 deg bevel on the end of a piece mitered at 45 degrees, the angle is about 35.3 degrees.  I cut the end of the replaceable stop to that angle, but used the plane to shave off the top of the pivot stop itself after I rotated it to 45 degrees.  

[Image: AM-JKLVxjkfK1oTgo2qElmWF0zp-bf_GJmNyHRXT...authuser=0]

At greater angles the pivot stop will get shaved off lesser amounts.  No matter, no damage is done, it's just cosmetic, and the workpiece is always fully supported by the replaceable wear stop cut or planed to the required angle.  I cut the replaceable wear stops at 45 degrees on one end and 35.3 degrees on the other, what I labeled as 45/45 for 45 degree bevel on the end of a part mitered at 45 degrees, in this photo.  

[Image: AM-JKLXiktuh8Eda-JLPxD0aVB9eoN1eJoiU1Fj9...authuser=0]

So there it is.  You can now shoot bevels from 90 to less than 45 degrees.  Here's a shot of ones done at 90 degrees.

[Image: AM-JKLUyjMzhKp5Cqcs29Oj-K6QFr3jHlZKG_EB9...authuser=0]

As I said earlier, when done, just remove the 45 degree plane ramp and swap out the beveled pivot stop for the 90 degree standard one and it's back to normal.  

[Image: AM-JKLUyw9EnT3Ykp_P5SZF_lJPVvl60NkETU6LV...authuser=0]

If you already purchased a shooting board, and I thank you very much, the bevel kit is $75.  There will be easy to follow instructions for installation included as well as 2 extra replaceable wear stops.  If you want to purchase a shooting board plus the bevel kit the price is $250 and I will preinstall it.  The price of the shooting board alone is $175.  The price for the bevel kit purchased separately at a later date will be $100.  

All prices include shipping within the CONUS.  

You can send me a PM or email me at

Looks good John

Maybe you can do 22.5 and others like that for 6, 8, 12,18 and 24 sided boxes and it should help those who do segmented turning
As of this time I am not teaching vets to turn. Also please do not send any items to me without prior notification.  Thank You Everyone.

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(04-23-2022, 11:51 PM)Arlin Eastman Wrote: Looks good John

Maybe you can do 22.5 and others like that for 6, 8, 12,18 and 24 sided boxes and it should help those who do segmented turning

It's in the works Arlin.  And more.  

A member asked if I could design a fixed 45 deg triangle fence for the shooting board, so I did.  I added the same adjustable/replaceable stops as on the pivot stop.  It can be mounted in front of the pivot stop, or in place of it against the back stop.  

[Image: AM-JKLWH6_LzQAQmmIO4bBItCAQRtvwQKLReaphm...authuser=1]

  [Image: AM-JKLX82Rq8FuRu7h68LzSLGS8FURtadf2UJ5YH...authuser=1]

The 45 deg triangle fence is $50 if purchased separately, but only $40 if ordered with the shooting board.  


Another member requested a 24" long shooting board with wider plane ramps to mount Lee Valley's shooting plane guides.  So here it is, together with the 45 deg triangle plate and bevel kit option.  

[Image: AM-JKLW44IqbfhhXdexZurVKWMOr7CdbFvCK5sPC...authuser=1]
The LV guides are attached to the shooting board with machine screws that screw into brass threaded inserts, to facilitate their removal for use with the bevel kit.  

I just received one of John's boards and it's a thing of beauty. The engineering and execution are excellent. I'd asked for a couple additions and he easily worked them out.

I highly recommend his work.

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John's work is the best!


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