Another table build?
Recently bought a few boards of Ash...about 15bft ($9 for the 5 boards)  and thought about going a bit closer to a Shaker design table...with a drawer.

Not sure IF anyone wants to follow along with this build.....Thinking I can just use those 5 boards for the table....and a piece of 1/4" plywood for the bottom of the drawer..

I did haul the 4 longer (6' 5") boards to the shop..
Sitting on my tablesaw, they do take up a lot of room....was sorting through...wanting the best 2 to make into a table top panel..
Thinking the middle 2 will be ok...the one on the left?
Thinking more like stock for the aprons and a drawer front....maybe wrap the grain around the sides?  

Can't cut things as the tablesaw is
Plop a board onto the bench, and clamp it, Jed...mark a cut line or 3...
A get the D-100 down and put it to work..
Ends needed end was too short to be a third blank at 24" long..short ends..
So, next time....I get the edges jointed up, and maybe even glue the panel for the table top up..

Stay tuned
Saw was working good..nice long, easy strokes...7ppi cuts nicely....all I'm after is to get 4 blanks ready for a table to...
Will need to be jointed for better glue joints....was also trying to align the grain, a bit..

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Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Of course we want to follow along!

Just wondering, is a gun involved when you buy ash at $.60 bft?
"I tried being reasonable..........I didn't like it." Clint Eastwood
Why do you think I am called Bandit?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
? re your name!

And I too enjoy your write-ups.

Please continue


Ok, need to joint some edges, before I can glue a table top up...
Had already ripped the wavy stuff off the edges...time to get them straight...
This, however is NOT a jointer...does more harm than good.   Balance is all wrong....wants to lean too much...fired!  Get out a Proper Jointer!
Like a Stanley even gives a square edge, because it it balanced properly...
And no gaps between 2 boards...
Went and jointed all the mating edges..tried a dry fit..
No gaps..a bit of twisty...we have ways....clamps and glue..
This end wasn't too bad....hammer assist to get flat...the other end?
Needed a little in a caul, with a few c clamps...was just going to leave this sit here....happen to remember I need the
I think it can sit here a day or 3....while I work on getting 4 legs made up....

Stay tuned....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Legs?   Most tables seem to need them...I don't have any 8/4 stuff, so I'll need to glue up some blanks...looking at around 20" ruffly...
These 2 will just make that length...just not enough, once the ripping begins...had to cut one more plank..
Then set the rip fence to around 1-5/8" width...set the best of the edges against the fence, and run things through...hopefully I get 8 blanks..
Got 9...can sort through for best grain matches...and have one left over for a bread board end...Bottle of glue, a roller to moosh it out with, and a few clamps..
Let these legs sit a day...

Next day...clamps came off of the leg blanks...Tablesaw to even things up a bit AFTER a Craftsman Jack removed the dried glue spots..
Then the Stanley No.6c went to work...
Until I had 4 blanks all squared up...and the ends trimmed square...length is now 19-1/2"...
And, since they are all sitting there like that...I figured out how far down from the "top" to mark a line......6" down is where the stop of the taper will be...about an inch or so below the bottom of the aprons..
Leg will get tapers on the 2 inside faces...Norm used a fancy jig for his tablesaw....I don't....just make a mark at the toe....looking for a 1" square foot...and use a straightedge to mark a cut line..
Then over to the bandsaw, to make a cut...
Then rotate 90 degrees, use the cut-off to lay out the next cut....back to the bandsaw.

Stay tuned....more to come..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
One leg with 2 tapers...and my right leg was getting sore...
Clamped to the bench, #6c to clean off all the saw marks...and where the taper stops....then rotate and clean up the other taper...
And...when done..there isn't any need to sand....already for finish.  

At the top of the leg, make a mark....a "T" to show which face has a taper.....which will also be which face gets a least for the 3 aprons....the front gets a drawer opening, things will be a little different.

Too sore today....might go to the shop tomorrow...and taper the other 3 legs. 

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
"T" stands for Taper..
Keeps track of where the tapers are,  and where the next ones will go..
To speed things up, I kept one of the bandsawn cut-offs, to help mark out the taper's angle..
Then lay the ruler down the line, and finish the pencil line up to the stop line...Bandsaw the line...then the plane to remove the saw marks

I'd lay out one taper, bandsaw that, check and lay out the other taper..bandsaw that...THEN the No.6c could work on each taper...result being a nice flat, smooth taper, that did not need any sanding...
There was quite a bit of...
A mess to sweep up.....
Tends to happen when a plane gets used

After Lunch, today...intend to work on that table top....might take all day....

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Clamps and caul came off the panel...spent a while leveling glue joints....
Between the 60 grit beltsander and this No. 6c plane....soon had things flat...mainly dried glue sticking up...and a couple ridges...
Then set up to trim the ends a bit..
One end to where the saw could safely make the cut....then figure out the distance the bread board ends needed...counting the 2 tungues, and the bread boards, and come up with 20-1/2" width....Make that cut.    then adjust for the router to do it's thing...
It will take 4 passes...but..
We have two tongues.....need to rip 2 bread boards, to length and width....then set the saw to make the grooves needed it's edge straighten out...

Then then clamps and glue..
Yep, glue everywhere along both sides...
Always have, on these smaller tops...will let this sit a day,  then clean it up,  maybe get out the circle jig, again...then start on 3 aprons, and a drawer..and it's frame. 

Stay tuned,
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Time to clean up that top,  level things out, cut some corners, and lay out for the aprons....
Beltsander and this plane worked over both sides...once the underside was flat and smooth..
A little extra was some people keep saying I need to "Brand" the Projects I make..
Have had an electric branding iron for some time...
Patterned after the sign to the shop..
Next...cutting some corners, with a vintage saw..
Nothing complicated...I grabbed a rattle can, and used that for the radius...then the sabre saw to cut...then smoothed the cuts with the beltsander...

Next, I wanted to lay out where the legs will be...
Using a combo square to help..
To get things even.   Marked around each leg, laid out for a 1/2" long tenon...measured between the marks to get the length needed for the aprons...

Rough cut to 17"...wavy edges ripped free...then square the 16-3/4" length.    4 blanks, so I can choose 2 side aprons, 1 apron across the back, and a blank for the drawer front... time in the shop...tenons need milled, then a few mortises,,,,and see about something for the drawer to slide on...
Will build the base, and then worry about building a drawer....while I look around for a "Shaker" drawer pull.  

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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