Jet JWP15 DX.
Just bought this Jet 15 inch planer yesterday for $1,200. I've never have had any exposure to the quick change knife system. Any suggestions, cautions, or other advice. The machine is in really good condition. I went through it today and everything was within specs. The blades were removed and cleaned and they were a breeze to reinstall.
My old planer works great, just wanted something a little bigger.
As a side note I'm going to sell my 1955 Powermatic P100. It's is good condition, has sharp straight knives. About how much do you guys think should I ask? I was thinking $1500.
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Can't talk to the quick change knives; other than what's in the manual, I haven't seen any discussion on that feature.

As for the price of your old PM100, it would seem very high in my opinion.  At a capacity of only 12 inches and a $1500 asking price, many buyers would pass over it and go looking at "new in box" 13" planers from other makes, including the DeWalt 735.  Those can be had right now for well under $1,000.

There are just too many new planers in the 12-13" class that will do a good job to make your PM100 seem like a good buy for that premium.  Of course, you only need to find one buyer who is looking specifically for a PM100 to get the price point you seek.

I bought a used PM Model 15 15" planer with straight knives and low/easy use six months ago for $600.  I will admit that I got the "friends and family" price on that, but I don't think I would have gone much higher than $900 for it.
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Hey...thanks. I think you are probably correct on the price. If I get 8-900 it's still more than I paid for it. I'm afraid the Jet might be a kinda 1 off. Thank goodness it came with 4 sets of blades.
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Congrats on the Jet and good luck selling the PM. There's a brisk market for the PM if priced correctly.

You might wast to consider buying and installing a Byrd head on the Jet at some point. Bought my 15" ShopFox with the carbide cutterhead and it is a huge improvement IMO.

Finally got back from Myrtle Beach and started cleaning and adjusting this machine. I have also found out that sometime in the past a blade either came loose or hit something metal, breaking the blade and putting some minor dings in the cutterhead. Evidently when this happened it cracked the casting in front of the outfeed roller. It’s about 1.5” long and at the corner where the thin part of the front of the casting meets the thick side of the casting. Anyhoo, I’m going to take to a professional welder to drill the end of the crack (to stop it) and then to TIG weld it closed, you know good and well if I try it I’ll screw it up. I’m going to try to find some old turd that has been welding cast for years and knows what he’s doing.
My second thought is to change this thing from the straight blades to a Shelix helical head while I’ve got it apart.
Question is do you guys think this type of head will decrease the future stresses on the casting repairs, ya know many of small cuts instead 3 big impacts from the straight knives.
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