Fix wood slice?
I got this really lovely slice from a colleague and it split when I was out of town (guessing because of the air temp/lack of humidity). Anyways, I was wondering if anyone thinks it’s possible to fix this somehow. I was contemplating using a clamp and gradually tightening it but maybe it’s not something that can be fixed.
No, there isn't much of a way to fix this.  You can turn it into a design feature, though, with a butterfly/Dutchman inlay.
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Wood shrinks as it dries. Until it finishes drying, there is not much that you can do to stabilize it.

Once it is dry, there are various ways to turn voids into features.

If this is a cross-grain slice, your best bet may be to fill the void(s) with a colored or filled epoxy.
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Do you want to close it back up or just prevent the split/crack from opening wider?  Nakashima popularized using hourglass or butterfly shaped wedges to keep the crack from opening.

[Image: NakashimaDovetail.jpg]
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