Lawn Mower Motor Issue
(05-20-2022, 11:39 PM)MstrCarpenter Wrote: Next time you start it cold, do it with the air filter removed and look at the throttle plate. If it's staying partially closed, hold open it a little and see if the rpm.s pick right up. If they do there's something up with the linkage; either from the vane or from the thermostat. Possibly the carb was removed for cleaning and linkage got put in the wrong hole or there's a spring missing. The thermostat could be working but it's not close enough to the muffler.

You were right.  The throttle plate was partially closed after a cold start, but the rpm picked right up when I pushed it open.  So I took the motor housing off to find far more grass packed in in the engine cooling fins impeding the air vane from completely opening.  I saw what must be the thermostat you mentioned on the side opposite the carb.  Never knew there was one.  It looks like it has some affect on the air vane position.  Anyway. I cleaned out all the grass, put it back together and it runs perfectly fine again.  

Thanks for your help.  

You're welcome. Glad it worked out because the next step required pulling the head.
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