Goodbye, Norm!
(05-20-2022, 02:59 PM)AHill Wrote: Norm and his New Yankee Workshop was the reason I started woodworking.  I cite him as my virtual mentor.  I've met him before and he signed his book for me.  Awesome guy.

Same here.  I think at a Woodworking show event in NJ.  He couldn't have been more personable.  Actually he signed two of my books.  Hell of a guy.   I can say the same for Frank Klausz, very much a gentleman, saw him 6 months ago at a CRAFTS of NJ auction and had a nice conversation.
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Enjoy your retirement Norm.
I still watch the re-runs online.

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I, and I'm sure thousands of others, was motivated by Norm's projects, his well organized processes and easy going style.   I recorded nearly two hundred episodes, and still watch an episode occasionally when I want to build something similar to one of his projects. 

Norm, thank you, and enjoy your retirement years, you've certainly earned them.
During the original Gulf War, my mom used to tape NYW and send the tapes to the boat. It was a little slice of home, back when there was no internet and only two channels on the ship TV. The Navy channel, and the movie channel.

Norm was a welcomed diversion. I wish him a long and happy retirement.
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I hope he's doing well. He looks a little frail in the photo.
(05-22-2022, 10:08 AM)CStan Wrote: I hope he's doing well.  He looks a little frail in the photo.

Ha ha, well, let me tell you, when you get to 70, you lose all pretense of being robust, as muscle mass disappears (testosterone has long ago checked out) and you literally start to shrink.  My bride says I look "frail" at 69, compared to what I used to look like!!  As long as everything else is ok, all is good.
Credo Elvem ipsum etiam vivere
Non impediti ratione cogitationis
(05-19-2022, 04:20 PM)Handplanesandmore Wrote: A woodworker who is genuine, sincere and down to earth. No fake enthusiasm or clown behavior sometimes seen in social media.


Back in the 1990s I knew some of the Delta guys.  They talked about the difficulty of taking Norm from one scheduled IWF event to scheduled event.  They said that Norm was such a nice and friendly guy that he would talk with whoever wanted to talk with him. They had the unenviable task of constantly breaking up great conversations to meet the scheduled next event.
I learned so much watching TNYW and TOH. Thanks Norm!
back in the 90s i left my saturday morning free  to watch NYW and TOH. i did that for years. i loved how explained and showed to to make not-so-perfect perfect.

one hour tribute special october 3rd at 9 p.m.
I started watching Norm on TOH back in the 80's, and then NYW when it came along.

In 2000 I decided that I needed to quit "just watching" and start doing.

Many years of watching TOH actually gave me the nerve to do major remodeling work when we moved into our "forever house" in 2014.  Norm is the reason our "forever house" has a separate shop building after decades of dreaming about it.

If Norm rang my doorbell today, I'd tell him, "This is all your fault."  
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